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Features to look for in the softball pitching machines

If your kid has suddenly developed an interest in softball and you want to kindle their passion for this beautiful sport by doing everything you can in your power, you truly are an amazing parent. But buying the necessary equipment, gear and searching for the perfect team is not enough. The most important aspect is to make time for practice amid your work schedule and kids’ school hours. And even if you try and make time adjustments, the harsh weather can kill the joy. But don’t stress. There is an easy solution; just find the place with the right softball pitching machine. 

Softball pitching machines are excellent to develop hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and an opportunity for the hitters to make as many hits as they like. Whether the player needs to practice a 90-mph slider or the 60-mph curveball, softball pitching machines can help fit the specific needs with a touch of a button. The machines help the players gain confidence and get better at the game as the speed can be adjusted to allow the hitter to increase their confidence. Here are some features to look for in the softball pitching machines: 


  1. Different ball throws: It is best to look for the softball pitching machine that can throw fastballs, changeups, curveballs, riseballs, drops, and screwballs. The pitching machines work best for professional and beginners athletes and help them improve their hitting accuracy and timing in no time. 


  1. Ease of use: Look for the cutting edge softball pitching machines that can be operated by a touch screen controller and contain a video projection screen on which the image of the pitcher is projected. The simulator can be programmed to deliver a specific pre-selected sequence of pitches. It is highly user-friendly therefore making it super easy to use. 
  2. Varied speed: The machine should deliver professional quality pitches thrown at multiple positions outside and within the strike zone at varied speeds between 40 and 100 MPH. It assures a game-like experience to the players. The player needs to train for both fast and slow pitches to be complete hitters. 
  3. Automatic ball feeder: Look for a reliable machine and comes with an optional automatic ball feeder system. The feeder holds the balls and lets them into the machine, saving time and energy.


Before investing in the softball pitching machine, it is best to check out the reviews of the softball machine. Buy the one that is accurate, offers a state-of-the-art game experience and is affordable. One such company is Probatter that offers a softball pitching machine that is a perfect combination of technology and engineering. It provides the best of the features and even offers combo units that are a machine that can be combined softball and baseball into a single device. The company even provides ball tracking software for an added cost to enhance the game experience. 


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