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Vince Lombardi once said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

We here at ProBatter Sports have spent the last twenty years engineering and refining the ultimate professional training tool for hitters, The ProBatter Live Pitching Simulator. Effective hitting comes from strength, skill, and most importantly, the hitter’s sense of timing. Traditional pitching machines can help, but they fail to develop one of the most important element of hitting in a real game “The Eye Switch,” i.e., the moment when the hitter switches their focal point from a point on the pitchers hand to the ball itself. The “eye switch” is critical for the hitter’s ability to recognize different pitches and allow him or her to develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and balance. It permit the hitter to maintain sharp image of the ball as it comes toward them. Traditional pitching machines where the ball rolls down a chute or a coach manually feeds the ball into the machine, have been shown to actually hurt a hitters sense of timing, rather than help it.

The ProBatter Live Pitching Simulator was developed 20+ year ago to overcome the limitations of traditional pitching machines. It is a computerized, professional system that was the first-ever commercial pitching machine company to incorporate a 3-wheel pitching machine that throws any pitch, or sequence of pitches at speeds from 40 to 100 miles per hour with a high degree of accuracy that is repeatable, time-after-time. The original ProBatter system was so revolutionary, it resulted in the issuance of 13 U.S. patents, multiple international patents, and was the subject of more than 70 television features and at least 50 newspaper and magazine articles. By combining this machine with a video projection system that displays a video image of an actual pitcher throwing the same type of pitch that is being delivered by the machine through a hole in the screen, ProBatter has achieved the “Ultimate Pitching Machine” which allows hitters to work on their timing and rhythm while facing virtually every type of pitch that they will face in a real game.

Live Pitching Hitting Simulator

Learn How ProBatter Simulators Perfect A Hitters Timing



ProBatter is as close as you can get to facing live pitching. You can program the pitching simulator to throw any pitch, at any speed, to any location, in any sequence:

  • 4 seam fast ball
  • 2 seam fastball
  • Curve
  • Slider
  • Cutter
  • Slurve
  • Split finger fastball
  • Changeup



ProBatter gives you the ability to practice with a wide variety of real game situation pitches. You can program the machine to face right handed or left handed pitcher, throwing from a full wind up or stretch position. Some benefits include:

  • Ready whenever you are
  • Doesn’t have to warm up
  • Programmable in any sequence
  • Highly accurate
  • Changes speed
  • Warm up pitch hitters
  • Simulates MLB pitchers
  • Recognize breaking balls
  • Any pitch to any location
  • Train to recognize different pitches
  • You can even use it to train your catchers


Accelerates your ability to succeed in the game.
Paul Kostacoupoulos

Paul Kostacoupoulos

US Naval Academy Coach

I cannot conceive of a better way to prepare my players for competition in a game. We sincerely believe that with ProBatter we have a real advantage over the competition.

Paul Fournier

Paul Fournier

Owner, The Batting Cage

Installing the ProBatter products was a great decision. They’re generating three times the revenue of my other machines.

Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin O'Sullivan

Florida Gators National Champs

The ProBatter PX2 Video Simulator has been a valuable tool for our hitters. Seeing different pitches at varying speeds will prepare them well for live action.

Bobby Abreau

Bobby Abreau

NY Yankees

It’s a great machine because it throws all kinds of pitches at all kinds of speeds.

Trot Nixon

Trot Nixon

Boston Red Sox

I hit off it all the time. Not all the time when you’re home can you find guys who can throw BP all the time. I can go and I can turn the machine on and do it anytime I want for as long as I want. It’s not going to get tired. Its arm is not going to blow out.

Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi

NY Yankees

I have it in my hitting cages in Vegas…(Brain) Cashman called to ask me about it and I said it was great. It gives you a look at everything and at every speed.