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Since 1999, ProBatter video pitching simulators have become the industry leaders for baseball, softball and now cricket. They are truly the Ultimate Training Tool for hitters in these sports. In addition, our promotion and fan entertainment packages, which feature a ProBatter simulator and an accompanying batting cage, has proven to be an excellent way to not only amuse fans both before and after games but to actually attract them to the parkand they are excellent vehicles for promoting one’s brand.

At the core of each simulator is a high-tech, commercial pitching machine that can throw virtually any pitch that a pitcher (or bowler) can deliver; a larger video projection screen on to which is projected video HD quality images of actual pitchers and cricket bowlers; and a touch screen controller that is not only attractive, but easy enough for even the bat boy to use.

The result—a line of products that have been universally accepted at all levels of the sports.


Strike Out Pro

Alex Rodriguez

NY Yankees

“I love it. It’s competitive and you have to compete against it to hit.”

David Wright

NY Mets

“A lot of guys swear by it”

Ben Cherington

VP Baseball Operations Toronto Blue Jays

“The ProBatter machine affords hitters an opportunity to practice the game at full speed against Major League quality pitching and, unlike traditional pitching machines, to time the pitcher’s delivery. The ProBatter machine is an important part of our hitting development program.”

Jason Giambi

NY Yankees

"I have it in my hitting cages in Vegas…(Brain) Cashman called to ask me about it and I said it was great. It gives you a look at everything and at every speed.”

Trot Nixon

Boston Red Sox

“I hit off it all the time. Not all the time when you’re home can you find guys who can throw BP all the time. I can go and I can turn the machine on and do it anytime I want for as long as I want. It’s not going to get tired. Its arm is not going to blow out”

Bobby Abreau

NY Yankees

“It’s a great machine because it throws all kinds of pitches at all kinds of speeds”

Kevin O'Sullivan

Florida Gators Nat'l Champs

The ProBatter PX2 Video Simulator has been a valuable tool for our hitters. Seeing different pitches at varying speeds will prepare them well for live action.

Paul Fournier

Owner, The Batting Cage

Installing the ProBatter products was a great decision. They’re generating three times the revenue of my other machines.

Paul Kostacoupoulos

US Naval Academy Coach

I cannot conceive of a better way to prepare my players for competition in a game. We sincerely believe that with ProBatter we have a real advantage over the competition.