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Price List Batting Cage Leasing University Leasing Warranty Info Terms & Conditions Leasing & Financial Info

ProBatter Professional Series 1 Unit 2 Units 3+ Units
Professional PX3 Video Baseball/Softball/Cricket $23,995 Call for Multiple Unit Pricing
Challenger Pitching Machine Baseball/Softball/Cricket $13,495 Call for Multiple Unit Pricing
Professional PX3 Video Combo Units $41,995

Call for Multiple Unit Pricing

ProBatter II Conversion Kits (Already owns Iron Mike or ATEC Machine) 1 Unit 2 Units 3+ Units
Iron Mike Conversion Kit (Baseball) $6,995 $6,750 $6,500
Hack Attack Conversion Kit (Baseball or Softball) $13,000 $12,500 $12,000
ProBatter II Complete Systems (Includes Iron Mike or ATEC Machines) 1 Unit 2 Units 3+ Units
Iron Mike Complete Kit (Baseball) $10,750 $10,550 $10,250
Junior Hack Attack Complete Kit (Baseball or Softball) $15,199 $14,699 $14,199
Hack Attack Complete Kit (Baseball or Softball) $16,299 $15,799 $15,299
eHack Attack Complete Kit (Baseball & Softball) $23,999 Call Call
Other Products  
Strike Out Pro $12,995
Tunnels to Go – ProBatter II Iron Mike $17,095 – $19,595
Tunnels to Go – Fan Interactive Custom/Call for Pricing
ProBatter Junior (Polyball) $17,995
ProBatter + Hittrax or Rapsodo Call for Pricing

Equipment Leasing

$1 Buy Outs or FMV Purchase Options Available!

Leasing Programs

For Companies In Business for 2 or More Years

  • $20 Security Deposit

  • Only $20 Down! – First & Last Not Needed at Startup of Lease!

  • $99/Month – Low Initial Payments!!

  • • $99/Month for First 6 Months, then regular payments begin

  • Deferred Payment Plans

    • 90 Days to First Payment

  • Seasonal Payment Plans

  •  Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly Payment Plans!
    • Seasonal Payments – 3 months off per year!

We Finance Good & Poor Credit Risks (A, B and C)

We Encourage Start-Up Leasing!!

High Approval Rate on “Deals Rejected By Others”


Call Us for Details!!


Why Lease?

  • Tax Benefits

    • Lease payments may be 100% deductible.

  • Complete Financing

    • Leasing permits 100% plus financing with no down payment (including soft costs, warranties, taxes, freight and installation).

  • Conserves Capital

    • Leasing conserves valuable company working capital!

  • Greater Purchasing Power

    • Leasing typically allows for larger purchases (higher loan amounts)

  • Conserves Bank Credit

    • Leasing preserves bank credit lines.

  • Flexible Payment Plans

    • Longer and more flexible terms are available compared to other types of financing (up to 60 months).

  • Fixed Rates

    • Lease payments are fixed, not adjustable with floating interest rates.

  • Obsolescence Protection

    • Leasing provides protection from equipment obsolescence. You keep facilities up to date.

Benefits of Leasing

ProBatter Sports aims to make the leasing process simple. The first step would be for you to determine what equipment you would like to acquire from your vender.

After you have chosen your desired equipment, complete our one-page lease application, then fax or e-mail it to us.

We will process your credit application for quick approval. Once approved, we will fax or e-mail documents to you with a pre-paid overnight return envelope to promptly execute your order. It is that simple!

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