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What is whip in baseball pitching ?

The conjugation of sabermetrics and analytics gives birth to a platform where phenomenal baseball players are nourished. The game of baseball may seem to be a 9-inning match where the nine players run across the perimeter of a square, but it is a game of analytics that nurtures quality baseball players. WHIP in baseball pitching is a factor to analyze the performance of a pitcher, making it a tool to achieve success for the player standing on the pitching mound. 

What is WHIP in Baseball Pitching?

The acronym WHIP, or Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched, is the scorecard matrix of the pitchers that helps in measuring their performance. The prime motto of a pitcher is to keep the base runners off their base paths, and WHIP helps in estimating how well he has been able to accomplish the task. 

The calculation of WHIP is done by dividing the total pitched innings from the total sum of walks and hits of a pitcher. Pitchers with the lowest WHIPs are considered the best pitchers in the league. In fact, this is the dominant indicator determining the effectiveness of the key players in the game.

WHIP: All You Need to Know

Baseball has evolved over a period of time since 1744. Initially, the players were selected randomly with elite playing skills. However, WHIP was introduced in 1979 by Daniel Okrent, also known as the Father of WHIP, who had been seeking ways to measure the performance of pitchers. This concept was initially named the Innings Pitched Ratio but was later abbreviated to WHIP. 

On the way to achieving the best WHIP, it’s crucial to record the outs and restrict the base runners from reaching the bases. Also, with a lower WHIP, the ERA or Earned Run Average will be better for a pitcher. Hence, the WHIP score is inversely proportional to the pitcher’s performance and ERA. Now, let’s understand the basics of WHIP with the following points-

  • Exclusions from the WHIP Score

The score doesn’t consider how the base runner reached the destination base.

  • Best WHIP Score

Over 1.50 WHIP is the worst score, while below 1 WHIP is an example of an elite pitcher. However, between 1.10 and 1.30 WHIP is considered an average pitcher.

  • WHIP & ERA

ERA selects the number of runs a pitcher allows in total pitched innings, whereas WHIP measures the pitcher’s performance in relation to the defending team’s score.


Baseball is a sport in which each of the two teams plays with a focus on scoring maximum runs in the match. Since the pitcher is the most potent player in the game, it’s crucial to pick the best player from the leagues to represent the team. Though it is an intriguing task, with WHIP in baseball pitching in action, it has become accessible.

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