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What Is Baseball Pitching Opener Strategy?

A baseball pitching opener is a pitcher that can lead the game, go the distance, and receive possible outs for the team in many innings. With the advancement in the baseball game, many hitters have become more robust, and they are following the strategies of the starting pitcher. The Tampa Bay Rays executed this strategy in mainstream baseball in 2018.

What Is Baseball Pitching Opener Strategy?

The starting pitcher in MLB is generally a relief pitcher that can receive many batters out and make tactics for the team opening pitcher by the 4th inning.

The concept of opener strategy is to put the best pitching against the opponent’s best batters to begin the game. Many hitters play better after implementing this strategy. However, the opener strategy in baseball pitching was a little strange during the regular season. But many teams found it an excellent idea, and presently, it’s a part of many organizations’ plans.

What is the Basic Point of a Baseball Starter?

The primary point of utilizing a starter in baseball is to use the best pitcher to begin the game. Often, baseball teams have their best pitchers, but they usually don’t utilize them as the game is out of control due to the bad start by the opener. As opponents typically line up their best hitters, you should create a team with the best arms.

How Openers Have Prospered in the MLB

The Tampa Bay Rays started the opener concept in 2018, and the Los Angeles Dodgers followed this when they got injured to their pitching line-up. The Milwaukee Brewers utilized opener Wade Miley in the NLCs as a starter in Game 5.

The Rays had constantly utilized the opening pitcher strategy, whereas the New York Yankees utilized it when they got injuries in their starting rotation. Moreover, the Los Angeles Angels also employed the opener strategy, using a starter supporting a no-hitter, Taylor Cole, who created ways for opener Felix Pena.

The New York Yankees used Chad Green in 2019 as a starter 15 times. Chad Green had superior numbers when he started the game, getting into the second inning for some games. He did not have a fixed pitch count for throwing; hence, the single aim was to receive outs.

Apart from the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays, many more teams included the baseball opener strategy in their regular plans in 2020. The Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, and Texas Rangers have also embraced the reliever by replacing a conventional baseball opener strategy throughout 2020.


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