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How to Throw all Kinds of Pitches

How to Throw all Kinds of Pitches

A perfect grip on the baseball is the first step toward flawless pitching. With a perfect grip, you can be sure to deliver your best pitching performance in the field. Pitching is not about simply throwing the ball towards the batter. Rather, it’s a sophisticated harmony of strategic throwing and precise timing. Read this guide to learn how to throw all kinds of pitches and transform your pitching standards.

Learning to Throw Specialty Pitches

Baseball has been the most popular sport in the USA, which thrives on an unmatched consonance of strategy, swift movement, and alertness. Here are a few of the best throwing techniques for the various pitches:

Throwing a fastball

This pitching style consists of a four-seam and two-seam ball and is a direct pitch that is thrown towards the plate. A two-seam ball is easier to control as it has more movement, while the four-seam ball is thrown harder. Though both the pitching forms are similar, the primary difference is the grip. The ball is thrown straight from the hand with a swift roll from the base to the fingertips.

Throwing a changeup

It is the second most popular pitching style after fastball because it gives the appearance of fastball pitching. However, this is thrown slower than the former pitching technique. Use three fingers to grip the ball while supporting it in your palm. Throw the ball with the identical movement of a fastball, but the delivery will be slower due to the gripping technique.

Throwing a Curveball

It’s a breaking pitch in its simplest form. If you are a left-handed player, the ball will be thrown in the pattern of ten to four on the clock. If you want the pitching to be between 12 and 6 on the clock, you will have to aim higher and snap in the downward direction.

Throwing a Slider

It is considered the most effective breaking pitch and is thrown harder with a sharper break. This gripping demands you to hold the ball tightly towards the outer third portion of the ball. Once you release the ball from your grip while throwing, snap the wrist from top to bottom to ensure the ball touches the plate sharply.

Throwing a Knuckleball 

It is the most popular and unpredictable of all the pitching mechanics. Unlike other pitching techniques, it glides towards the plate, making it the most challenging pitching for the batters. In this pitching, grip the ball with the knuckles of your two, three, or four fingers while maintaining a fastball pitching arm movement. Push the ball with the tips of your fingers rather than rolling it over them, creating a distinct throwing pattern.

Winding Up

Baseball, being the most strategic sport, requires ceaseless practice and cultivation of a unique approach. If you want to know how to throw all kinds of pitches and become a pro at it, ProBatter Sports can prove to be the most valuable coach with its finest pitching devices. Combine pitching techniques with modern pitching devices to give your game a competitive edge.

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