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How to Increase Pitching Velocity in Baseball

When it comes to baseball pitchers, pitching velocity is one of the most vital factors that indicate a player’s strength. Along with the capacity of throwing a fastball, velocity is also essential for baseball pitchers for defense. Therefore, if you want to become a strong baseball player, you must know how to increase pitching velocity in baseball.

However, velocity is not everything. You should be capable of adding movements to the baseball, controlling it, and finally, getting hitters out. But velocity is the primary way to measure pitching. Hence, if you have the movement, control, and capacity of getting batters out, increasing velocity will be an added benefit.

Make sure to read this blog to the end to find some great tips on enhancing baseball pitching velocity!

Tips to Increase Pitching Velocity in Baseball

1. Utilize a Four-Seam Grip

A four-seam grip is the most suitable grip for pitching velocity and control. It keeps the ball balanced, and constant finger pressure enables better control. It will help if you put force on the baseball to produce velocity. An effective glove arm action helps suitable trunk rotation, trunk arching and flexion, and shoulder alignment. All of these produce ball velocity and arm speed.

2. Use Your Whole Body

You won’t get the desired result by only focusing on your arm actions. Each body part has a crucial role in producing solid and effective pitches. Knowing how to work your body coordinately and cohesively is essential. Since each body part is essential, weakness in one part can affect the whole pitch.

3. Never Rush

If you rush your delivery, it will cause a low arms position, eliminating pitch velocity. You must not give a significant drive or push at this stage.

4. Gain Body Weight

According to recent studies, baseball players with more weight can throw the ball quicker and harder than players with less weight. After all, having more weight allows an athlete to generate better forces, causing more power during pitching. Therefore, start eating!

5. Improve Deceleration

Deceleration slows down after the pitching release point. It is vital to keep the art intact and prevent all injuries. Moreover, it helps your body learn to speed up quicker. Therefore, you need to work on this process.

6. Do Medicine Ball Exercises Regularly

Medicine ball exercises are most significant to enhance pitching velocity. You can improve your linear and rotational energy with these exercises. It is one of the best ways as you will get massive benefits from it. In short, it’s a must for increasing pitching speed.

7. Enhance Your Posture/Balance

Better balance makes you better controlled. If you can control your body better, you can transfer more energy. Consistency is crucial for control. So, have better balance or posture while pitching.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Pitching Velocity?

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