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How to increase baseball pitching velocity

Baseball is one of the oldest sports, dating back to 1744, and has dominated its genre since its inception. This 9-inning match involving 9 players is an amalgamation of strategy and stability. Pitching being the most important position in the game, it’s crucial to understand how to increase baseball pitching velocity and command the match throughout.

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The Importance of Pitching Velocity

Regardless of the experience you have in playing baseball, the most important factor in the game is the throwing speed of the ball, which in other words is known as baseball pitching velocity. Though it is essential to focus on the player’s movement and placement, pitching is the main indicator of the strength of a baseball player. With sturdy pitching capability, you can be sure to grasp some of the finest defense mechanisms. Hence, upgrading the pitching velocity is pivotal, giving you the scope to flaunt the winner’s cap at the end of the match.

Tricks to Increase Baseball Pitching Velocity 

Pitching being the key factor in baseball, let’s understand the ways in which the pitching velocity can be elevated. Mobility, strength, and power are the contributing components to an increased pitching velocity. However, some other key steps that you need to reinforce in your training sessions for an escalated pitching velocity are as follows:

  • Gaining mass

Though in the majority of sports, it’s crucial to weigh light, in baseball, mass plays an important role as it is directly proportional to a greater force, which is the dominant factor during a successful pitching.

  • Improving Posture

A better posture will bring in stabilized balance and control of the movements, leading to a perfect pitching. Keeping the angle of the elbow less than 90 degrees while the hand passes the ear during acceleration is the perfect posture in the course of pitching. 

  • The Grip

Position of the fingers is highly crucial to increasing the pitching speed. In conjugation of posture, a perfect grip will ensure you have a perfect pitching experience in all the matches.

  • Wrist Snap

This factor contributes 10% to the final pitching but is inevitable. However, by practicing exercises like dumbbells, wrist rolls, ball squeezes, and other exercises, you can eventually master this area.

  • Rotation of Pelvis and Torso

The higher the rotation speed of the pelvis and torso, the better the pitching velocity. To quote it in a different manner, the higher the separation between 

shoulders and hips, the better the pitching speed.

  • Deceleration

Though it is pivotal to focus on throwing the ball, it is also important to evaluate the speed after the release point. At the same time, deceleration ensures the arms are not injured as a result of high velocity pitching while delivering a perfect ball.


Baseball is a game of nine players on each of the two teams, trying in an unyielding manner to score more than their opponent. Hence, learning how to increase baseball pitching velocity is crucial. ProBatter Sports is the one-stop solution that offers a perfect platform to master the baseball game. They have a premium version of the pitching simulator, offering you the finest ambience to learn pitching fundamentals while ensuring to put a feather in your cap.

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