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five things to consider when buying a pitching machine

With numerous options available on the market, it becomes difficult to select the right pitching machine. The most expensive pitching devices are usually the most expensive, but price alone cannot determine the right device, especially when each player has a unique requirement. Some people have a limited budget and they look for something affordable yet good quality. But before they choose the best device for their specific needs, they must check out these five things to consider when buying a pitching machine

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What to Consider While Purchasing a Pitching Machine

Here are the primary considerations for buying a pitching device:

1. Longevity

Durability is the most important factor to consider while picking a pitching device. To check how long the device may last, you can look at the machine’s warranty. Manufacturers will not offer a 5-year warranty on a device that will not last that long.

For young players, you should avoid choosing a costlier and more durable device for now. After all, they may stop playing the game in the future.

2. Portability

You may often need to use the pitching device in a place that doesn’t have any electrical outlets. Also, some devices are very bulky. They weigh almost 65-125 lbs. You can use a wheel kit to transport your device to the field. Therefore, you should check whether a device is portable enough to carry everywhere before deciding on purchasing it.

2. The Process of Feeding the Device

The technique of feeding new balls into the device will depend on the product you purchase. Basic feeding processes are:

  • Funnel/Spiral Feed: This feeding method can load approximately 10–20 balls. It fires every ball a few seconds apart. The primary advantage of this mechanism is that you can practice on your own.
  • Manual Feed: You feed every ball into the device one at a time using this mechanism. With manual feed, coaches find it simpler to provide feedback to the player in between swings.

3. Power Source

It also relies on the device. The mechanical one does not need an external power source. You can pull the lever to fire the ball and then pull your arm back to reset the machine. Some pro devices run on 110 volt mains electricity.

Therefore, you will require a generator or power outlet to connect them to. Nevertheless, you can use a few devices with rechargeable battery packs that are sometimes found individually.

4. Function

There are many ways to propel a ball rapidly forward. Poor quality pitching devices may utilize spring-loaded or mechanical firing methods. They shoot the ball forward using their arms. However, more advanced items usually utilize 1 or 2 spinning wheels. The machine feeds the ball into the wheels when they spin, and it sends the ball forward. These devices fire more precisely and are easier to employ.

Bottom Lines

Apart from these five things to consider when buying a pitching machine you should consider your budget, age and skill level, desired machine style, etc. A pitching device is a costly and essential machine that should be bought once. Therefore, buy the best quality device from ProBatter Sports.

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