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Buyer’s Guide to Purchase the Best Softball Pitching Machine

Buyer’s Guide to Purchase the Best Softball Pitching Machine

Every softball pitching machine functions similarly, even if they are not the same in all features. If you compare different pitching devices on the market, you may find the possible differences. Some devices are ideal for high school and college-level sports, whereas others are perfect for the little league level. So, which one is the best softball pitching machine?

Considering all the factors ranging from skill level, warranty to style is a must before deciding on the right device. Conduct a study, and you can confidently make a decision. Read the buyer’s guide below to understand how to buy a suitable pitching machine according to your requirements and budget.

Considerations for Buying the Right Softball Pitching Machine

1. Size and Portability

Although most softball pitching machines are portable, a few are easier to transport than others. If you want to carry your device to another place regularly, it will help if it weighs 40lbs or less. Moreover, it will help if the legs fold for improved portability. However, some bulkier machines are easier to move if equipped with wheels. Hence, please don’t ignore the bulkier ones and see whether they have wheels before deciding.

2. Value and Price Point

Many softball pitching devices are available on the market. Some are affordable, while others are costly enough. Although price is not the primary factor to buy, it is essential. Usually, average softball players don’t require the costliest device. However, you must consider that high price points also signify superior product quality and advanced technical features. Hence, these devices are not ideal for players of every age group and skill level.

3. Warranty

Some pitching devices are extremely durable, whereas a few machines break at some point, and there is a warranty. Make sure to check the machine’s warranty before purchasing it. The pitching machine you purchase must have at least 2 years of warranty.

4. Mechanical Pitching Machine vs. Wheel Pitching Machine

Your expertise and age will plan whether the device you choose is a mechanical machine or a wheel one. Wheel type offers more strength alongside an extensive range of pitches. These devices can perform in the infield and outfield. Wheel machines are ultimate if you want to experience quick pitches like those offered at the highest play levels.

On the other hand, mechanical softball pitching gadgets are perfect for players who cannot pick up heavy machines and want a lightweight one to transport without effort. However, the wheel type is also portable because of its wheels.


Buying a softball pitching machine is an essential purchase that can cost you a lot. Do your homework by studying different choices on the market, discuss and share your opinions with fellow softball players and make a comprehensive decision.

Also, the softball pitching device you choose must meet your particular requirements like price, portability, and functionality. It would help if you never stopped hunting until you find the best softball pitching machine with all the features that suit your preferences. Check ProBatter’s pitching machines and find the right one for your players.

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