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Do You Make These 9 Common Baseball Pitching Machine Mistakes?

Do You Make These 9 Common Baseball Pitching Machine Mistakes?

You need to learn proper techniques to have success in baseball pitching. You must also practice regularly with proper coaching instruction to excel in those techniques. For young baseball players, learning the basics of baseball pitching is more important to reduce mistakes. This blog discusses some common baseball pitching machine mistakes, which players should be aware of so that they can avoid making them.

1. Having a Thorough Pre-Motion

A pitcher should control his body. And a pre-motion prepares a pitcher for the pitching delivery. Mistakes made at the start should be fixed finally, at the cost of speed. Otherwise, it may cost precise movement pitches and accuracy even if the player tries to fix the error.

2. Body and Shoulder Misalignment

Baseball players can lose necessary velocity when they open up their shoulders before putting their feet down. Moreover, they can lose velocity by not utilizing their lower body to produce strength for the pitch. Proper body and shoulder alignment helps boost pitch speed.

3. When Practicing, Emphasize Throwing Strikes

To work on the basics, offseason practice should mostly be done using a net, rather than worrying about accuracy. To enhance it, the player should be comfortable repeating the skill.

4. Unusual Leg Lifts

This happens when a player brings the balance leg up to the chest but creates a similar movement to the waist on the next pitch. The irregularity can lead to uncertain pitching speed and control. Players must work on their body balance by doing step-up exercises daily.

5. Intentionally Changing the Release Point to Correct Accuracy Errors

Trying to change the release point won’t work even if the release point of the player was wrong. Since the ball moves rapidly at the release point, expert pitchers also don’t think of releasing the ball earlier. After all, their minds and bodies adjust gradually over time. And they throw the ball with complete effort by focusing on a target and waiting for others’ feedback.

6. Unsuitable Grip

It’s unusual for kids who are trying to grip the ball improperly because of having smaller fingers. To fix this imbalance, they can grip with three fingers. The thumb and two fingers must be placed near the middle of the ball. This place gives a powerful pitch release point.

7. Follow-Through & Finish Failure

Poor follow-through occurs when a pitcher fails to allow his throwing hand to complete between the ankle and knee, or fails to bend his back. It can also impact the finish if the pitcher stands on the heel rather than the plant feet inside the ball. Young players should do balancing exercises to build better body control.

8. Teaching the Player Discipline so He Can Practice Himself

You cannot decide the result of the game. The experienced pitchers have coaches to catch for them every time. After all, if you make commitments to the coach, your young player will learn to do the same. He or she wants to practice with you so you can both achieve something exceptional.

9. Slowing Down the Arm for Pitching Strikes

Pitchers should create an easy and simple movement. But many parents and coaches think that a slower movement is more controllable, which is wrong. It’s tough to repeat the slow movements. Players should throw with complete effort and wait patiently for the results. 

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