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An automated pitching system can give your team leverage over a competitor

An automated pitching system can give your team leverage over a competitor

In the last few years, automated pitching systems have become a lot more advanced to the point that it is pretty close to the real-life pitching experience. So whether it comes to baseball or softball, mastering the proper technique and form for batting is crucial to learning the sport. Visiting the batting cage with an automatic pitching machine allows the batter to practice the critical aspect to stimulate a real pitcher. 

That means the teams and colleges that invest in these machines are sure to have an advantage over their competitors. Some of the advantages of an automated pitching system are:

  1. Improved timing: Knowing when to swing is the key to hitting the ball, and pitches thrown at different speeds require the batter to adjust the fly. Automatic pitching systems at batting cages come with adjustable settings that allow the players to receive the pitches at different speeds. It helps the players familiarize themselves with the various game scenarios enabling the batter to know when to swing based on the ball speed. It is perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and helps improve the team’s performance in the actual game.
  2. Adds to precision: The secret behind developing muscle memory is repetition. The automatic pitching system in the batting cage assures consistency and helps the players master the skill in a systematic way. The system can throw the same pitch every time, so the players can get into the rhythm and increase their precision. The system is more reliable than a human pitcher as it does not throw inconsistently or fatigued.
  3. A mix of various pitches: The automatic pitching system can throw many pitches like screwballs, curveballs, and change-ups. Understanding the ball’s movement and the effect of the speed help the players get in the form. You can even program the system to aim for the same spot each time, like the outside or inside the plate. It helps the players practice hitting in different areas. The players will learn to recognize what kind of pitch is thrown and the proper technique to hit it.
  4. Adds to confidence: One of the most significant advantages the automatic pitching system offers is that even beginners can get familiar with the batting without being judged or pressured. With regular practice, even novice players can overcome their anxiety and concentrate on the ball and perform well. The system allows the players to get familiarized with various pitches, hitting techniques, and stances to increase their confidence level. 

If you want to invest in an excellent automated pitching system, check out Probatter. Their machines can virtually throw any bowl that a pitcher can pitch. Their product aims to develop and refine the advanced hitting skills of the batter. Their research and development team is always looking for new technologies and strategies to improve their existing systems to ensure a real game-like experience. 

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