A Pitcher Training on a Pitching Simulator


Strike Out Pro™ is a new, hi-tech pitching system that displays the video images of actual batters on a projection screen with portions of the strike zone highlighted as "hot zones" for the pitcher to try to hit.  Both right-handed and left-handed batters can be displayed and the hot zones can be varied from batter to batter using a wireless tablet. At the end of the session, the speed, and accuracy of each pitch are displayed on the tablet.

The system can even be pre-programmed to allow the pitcher to pitch a simulated game against a particular batting order.


• CONTROLLED - using a wireless tablet
• ACCURATE - precisely tracks pitch speeds and locations
• LIFE-LIKE - displays life-sized batters of all types
• MULTIPLE TARGETS - displays different zones to target
• ANALYTICS - records and stores data for analysis and development
• Catcher image moves to reflect different hot zones against a particular batting order.