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Become a Pro by Learning Proper Mechanics for Pitching a Baseball

Baseball is the most popular game in the United States. You can become a pro in this sport if you adopt the proper strategy and training. If you want to initiate your journey with this sport, pitching is the first stepping stone to mark your presence in this game. This blog discusses the proper mechanics for pitching a baseball that will make you the best player among the rest.

The Most Common Baseball Pitching Mechanics

The success rate of the pitching motions is not similar for every individual, as a fruitful delivery depends on consistency and safety. The following mechanics are a guide to learning the proper pitch while minimizing the scope for injury.

1. Starting Stance 

A good pitch is the first step to reaching your target of winning the match. Hence, relax your shoulders and keep your body well-balanced. Keep your pivot foot ahead of the rubber while the free foot is slightly behind the former foot with a distance of shoulder width.

2. Getting Started with the Windup Position

The basics of pitching are balance and posture, which enable you to have a firm grip on the ground while delivering the ball perfectly. The windup position is an amalgamation of the hand pump and the rocker step. A pivot is also an important part of this pitching mechanic in which you square the body and place it parallel with the rubber’s front edge.

3. Leg Lifting

Once you have managed to get hold of the first two steps, it’s time to lift your leg with the support of your knee. Also, ensure not to swing the foot up, as that may lead to instability of the position. Rotate your front hips by up to 90 degrees and keep your body straight.

4. Height of the Knee

This step is a continuation of the leg lift in which you lift the free foot to around 70% of your height. This will ensure your body is braced perfectly for the delivery.

5. Stride

This motion accounts for the maximum velocity of the ball as you bend the body away from the rubber and get ready to shoot the ball. After getting ready with the posture, throw the ball while landing on the ground flat. Remember to avoid using your toe or heel during foot down to minimize the injury. It’s crucial you cover this motion rapidly without any hesitation to ensure your stride is completed successfully.

6. MER or Maximum External Rotation 

The shoulders, trunk, and hips rotate to the maximum while the shoulder rotates externally. This motion is also called forearm layback, which is responsible for a successful delivery.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are versed in the proper mechanics for pitching a baseball, it’s time to fix the errors while not stressing yourself. Befriend the mirror and enact the mechanics to tick the boxes of appropriate pitching motions. Set goals and focus on fine tuning the pitching skills with the help of an expert. ProBatter Sports offers the finest pitching devices that never fail to train you with top-notch pitching skills.

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