PX3 Video Baseball Simulator

The ProBatter PX3 Baseball Video Simulator is the premier video pitching simulator in the world for baseball. It is the third and current generation of video pitching simulators offered by ProBatter Sports, the company that first introduced video pitching simulators in 1999 and has installed more than 600 simulators throughout the United States and in 8 international countries.

Relying on a cutting-edge, computerized, pitch head and operated by a touch screen controller, it stands out amount pitching machines because it has a video projection screen onto which is projected the HD quality video image of real pitchers. The video image is synchronized with the release of an actual baseball through a hole in the screen from the pitch head positioned behind it.

Capable of Major League Quality Pitches

The pitch head is capable of delivering Major League quality pitches thrown to multiple positions both within and outside the strike zone at speeds between 40and 100 MPH. The PX3 can deliver virtually any pitch that an actual pitcher can throw, including rising fastballs, sinkers, cutters, split-finger fastballs, curves, sliders, and changeups that permit a hitter to simulate game-like conditions in a batting cage. The machine can deliver pitches from both right-handed and left-handed pitchers using images of pitches throwing from a full windup and the stretch. The user can select images of different pitchers from both day and night games.

Using a very user-friendly touchscreen controller mounted in a remote kiosk, the simulator can be manually operated or programmed to randomly deliver a specific pre-selected sequence of pitches. A 250-ball drum feeder is included.

“Combo” units are also available–combined baseball and softball or baseball and cricket into a single unit.

Perfect Practice Yields Perfect Results

Bringing your athletes into a ProBatter Pitching Simulator is like putting them into real games, each time they have hitting practice. They will experience real pitches while seeing the pitcher wind up and release the ball. This results in your athlete’s timing being perfected resulting in better hitting on game day.

Product Details

Cage Distance: 60’ 6”
Video Pitcher: Yes
Pitch Variety: Yes
Maximum Speed: 100Mph
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