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Anyone learning to bat in baseball will feel the need for a pitching machine. It’s a great way of having balls hurled at the player, and it’s not even that costly to purchase. At every level in this sport, players use pitching devices. There is no MLB training camp without these devices. But do MLB players like to use them? Read the blog to the end to find out whether MLB players use pitching machines.


Do MLB Players Use Pitching Machines?

At MLB training camps or practices, players use pitching devices. The best players require working on their hitting methods and getting in reps.

Pitching devices are great for training:

  • Placing the bat
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Timing

MLB players require work on these continuously. Even if they are at the utmost top of the sport, they still must have updates on the fundamentals. Therefore, you may find that several MLB players will begin their training sessions using some pitching devices.

Generally, hitters use pitching devices to warm up or when a pitcher is not available to throw to them. This helps hitters save time when they wait for pitchers or want to work on some issues.

These days, MLB players spend more time on pitching machines due to how far the device technology has come. Currently, these machines can throw sliders, curveballs, fastballs, and more at speeds of up to 100 mph. And it makes them an appealing training tool for MLB players.

Pitching devices are an amazing substitute when a hitter requires getting reps in. MLB teams hardly go without one. Moreover, pro players work on bunting or pinch hitting.

MLB players will discover that pitching machines are great for warming up. However, apart from that, they will help you enhance your batting skills as well.

Why Are Pitching Machines Good?

As mentioned earlier, the best baseball player uses pitching machines, and all MLB training camps have at least one pitching device. They are a helpful tool to help grow hitting skills regardless of the game level you are at.

Although some players find a few issues while using pitching machines, the benefits of these devices can highly outweigh such issues if used properly. The pitching machine you use will possibly offer different results.

If players use the pitching device properly and balance between it and live pitching during practicing, they will reap its perks no matter what. Using a pitching device vs. not using one creates a massive difference.

Wrapping up

Although MLB players use pitching machines, it will not be a major part of their training regime. You need to keep in mind that these devices are predictable and, in many cases, they are just there to teach players the utmost fundamentals of hitting pitched balls. They are amazing for creating hand-eye coordination and positioning.

If your MLB team prefers to use pitching machines to enhance their batting skills, get one from ProBatter Sports. With their professional-grade pitching devices, your players will find it easier to handle the randomness of motion, pitching, etc.