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Adam Battersby Drops In As A Guest On The “NowD1 Speaks” Podcast

Adam Battersby Drops In As A Guest On The “NowD1 Speaks” Podcast

Listen to the latest episode of NowD1 Speaks, where Adam Battersby, the CEO of Probatter Sports, shares his incredible journey and revolutionary creation.

Adam, accompanied by his father Greg Battersby are the mastermind behind the advanced video pitching machine that has changed baseball training forever. Imagine a machine capable of delivering 10 different pitches, ranging from 40 to 100 mph, all synchronized with video playback. Unlike traditional pitching machines that leave hitters guessing, Probatter’s innovation offers precise timing and reflex training, making practice more realistic than ever.

Drawing inspiration from his own experience with old pitching machines as a young player, Adam & Greg embarked on this journey in 1999. From early hurdles to monumental victories, Probatter machines have redefined training. With a database allowing up to 20 pitch variations in seamless sequences, it’s like stepping into a life-sized video game – perfect for the tech-savvy younger generation.

And the impact goes beyond baseball. With successful installations in professional baseball teams and colleges, the unexpected turn towards cricket showcases its versatility. International cricket teams recognized the value, leading to a customized version.

Looking ahead, Adam shares his plans to conquer new horizons. With new affordable manufacturing solutions and a fresh generation of better and cheaper machines, Probatter aims to dominate the high school market. The dream doesn’t stop there – tennis and other sports are on the radar, presenting exciting possibilities.

Don’t miss this engaging conversation as Adam Battersby takes us behind the scenes of Probatter Sports, where innovation meets sports training. Tune in to NowD1 Speaks and be part of the journey shaping the future of athletics.