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Division I Coach and Recruiter Wayne “Coach Mazz” Mazzoni
Delves Deep into How to Develop a Five-Tool Player


Milford, CT (October 5, 2023) – ProBatter Sports (“ProBatter”)  has announced the launch of their podcast “And That’s the Game,” hosted by noted Division I coach Wayne “Coach Mazz” Mazzoni. For more than 20 years, ProBatter has served as the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of technologically advanced pitching machines used for baseball, softball and cricket training.

The show will include interviews with prominent college coaches, sports medicine experts and well-known sports figures.  New episodes will be released monthly in both video and audio formats.

Released this week, the premiere episode of the ProBatter video podcast features an interview with Dr. Josh Heenan, founder and President of Advanced Therapy and Performance. One of the leading figures in the world of sports performance, Dr. Heenan is the creator of the 90MPH Formula, an innovative training program utilizing physics and evidence-based criteria that has helped thousands throw 90 mph or greater. The formula provides checks and balances to help reduce the incidence of traumatic injury, especially UCL tears in pitchers.

As the host of “And That’s the Game,” Wayne Mazzoni brings a wealth of high-level experience, having coached at Fairfield University, Post University, College of the Holy Cross and, most recently, Sacred Heart University. In addition to serving as a pitching coach, Mazzoni works with many pitchers in private instruction, camps and clinics, and online via his website.

“I’m excited to reach as many young, enthusiastic athletes, who love the game of baseball as much as I do,” said host Wayne Mazzoni. Almost everything I know about baseball and youth sports I learned from someone else either formally or informally.  This podcast is a chance to pass on that knowledge.”


Adam Battersby, President of ProBatter Sports, added “Our collaboration with Coach Mazz is an ideal match for young ballplayers, and their parents and coaches.  With his impressive background as one of the top coaches in the country and ProBatter Sports’ well-earned reputation for creating innovative training tools, we make a great team for those who strive to improve their game.”

Topics for discussion on the podcast will range from college recruitment, the latest in high-tech training tools, how to handle injuries and tips on how to improve technique. Most importantly, interviews will impart to listeners the essential need to build a team-player attitude.

The video version of the podcast, “And That’s The Game,” can be found on YouTube.  It is also available on all major podcast platforms in audio-only format.

About the Host
After graduating from Gettysburg College, where he was a left-handed pitcher and outfielder for three years, he quickly began his career in the coaching world as a graduate assistant at Nova Southeastern University in 1992.

Mazzoni has coached at Fairfield University, Post University, College of the Holy Cross and, most recently, Sacred Heart University. In addition to his duties as pitching coach, Mazzoni works with many pitchers in private instruction, camps and clinics, and online via his website. He is highly regarded for his knowledge of the recruiting process and has lectured to athletes and parents at over 500 high schools. He is an author of several books on recruiting, baseball and the mental game, is a frequent guest on television and radio stations, and also writes a monthly recruiting column for the New England Baseball Journal.

About ProBatter Sports

ProBatter Sports is a Connecticut-based Limited Liability Company originally formed in 1999 after introducing its first video pitching simulator at the Major League Baseball winter meetings in Anaheim, CA, with great fanfare. Its members includes a wide array of former baseball coaches and players and a diverse group of investors.

Originally founded based on its initial ProBatter Baseball Professional Video Pitching Simulator, the Company has greatly expanded its product line to include products. One of them is the ProBatter II video retrofit kit for commercial batting cages, ProBatter PX3 Platinum™ Professional Baseball, Softball and Cricket simulators, a PX3 Platinum Combo™ unit that combines both two different pitch heads, e.g., baseball and softball or baseball and cricket, a pitcher trainer called Strike Out Pro® and, just this year, its first non-video, programmable pitching machine called the Challenger™ that will compete with traditional pitching machines but can eventually be upgraded to the PX3 Platinum video simulator, It also developed and patented the first seamed pitching machine ball, which is manufactured under license by Baden Sports. ProBatter is the recipient of two “Best in Show” awards awarded by Collegiate Baseball, and its line of products has received 13 U.S. patents and more than 20 international patents. www.probatter.com

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