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Podcast – Building a Global Sports Technology Business from Passion

Podcast – Building a Global Sports Technology Business from Passion

Adam Battersby explains how exploring an innovative solution to an everyday sports frustration can evolve into a game-changing global enterprise.

Pro Batter Sports stands out as a testament to transforming passion into a thriving international business. Founded by Adam Battersby, the company’s journey from addressing a specific need in baseball training to expanding into cricket and softball markets reflects the true essence of building a business driven by love for the sport. How did a startup from backyard batting practice grow into a patented global force in athletic training equipment? 

A Clear Mission Redefined

Founded in 1999, Pro Batter Sports originated from a targeted pursuit to address traditional baseball training equipment inefficiencies. Beyond financial aspirations, the company’s mission centers on optimizing the training experience for both baseball batters and cricket batsmen. The incorporation of a video screen displaying nuanced aspects of a pitcher’s wind-up or a bowler’s run-up has proven to be a disruptive innovation, allowing precise timing and skill enhancement.

Diversification Beyond Baseball

While grounded in baseball, Pro Batter Sports strategically diversified its product portfolio to encompass the cricket and softball domains. This expansion was catalyzed by a fortuitous engagement with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), where the effectiveness of their technology in baseball training captured attention. Notable collaborations with Cricket Australia and the International Cricket Council (ICC) marked the company’s successful entry into global markets.

Patent-Backed Technological Distinction

Pro Batter Sports boasts an impressive intellectual property portfolio, securing 13 U.S. patents and over 20 international patents. The proprietary three-wheel pitching machine, coupled with a video screen and an intuitive touchscreen interface, stands as a technological differentiator in the sports training equipment landscape. These patents serve as protective measures, ensuring sustained growth and competitive advantage.

Challenges and Business Tenacity

Navigating the niche market of sports technology, Pro Batter Sports encountered skepticism and resistance from proponents of traditional training methodologies. The company’s resilience in the face of challenges underscores its commitment to innovation. Persistence and adaptability have been pivotal in overcoming obstacles and establishing Pro Batter Sports as a prominent player in the industry.

  • Facing doubt from critics on initial product validity
  • Adapting technology for new sports expanding the total addressable market
  • Refusing complacency and continuing enhancement of machine capabilities
  • Investing in understanding diverse customer needs across segments

By maintaining tenacity and agility even during difficult periods, Pro Batter Sports has transformed an idea motivated by passion into an industry leader.

Global Expansion Strategies

Recognizing the global appeal of cricket, Pro Batter Sports has strategically expanded its footprint into international markets. Leveraging local sales representatives and establishing relationships with cricket professionals, the company aims to capitalize on the sport’s popularity in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Australia.

Future Technological Advancements

The organization maintains a forward-looking stance by continually enhancing its technology. Ongoing efforts signify a commitment to innovation, enabling the company to remain at the forefront of sports training equipment. This adaptability positions Pro Batter Sports for sustained growth in a dynamic and competitive market.

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