ProBatter Softball

ProBatter Sports pioneers the creation of video softball pitching simulators, blending HD video pitchers with three-wheel pitching robotics for a realistic hitting practice that hone a hitter’s timing.

ProBatter Softball

Video Softball Pitching Simulators Delivered to {{Geography}}

Embrace the next level of softball hitting training! Our unique blend of video softball pitching simulators integrates HD quality video images of actual pitchers with cutting-edge three-wheel pitching machines, offering players a hitting practice that’s as close as it gets to facing a live pitcher.


Softball Video Pitching Simulator Delivered to {{Geography}}

Our video pitching simulators are equipped with a variety of technical features for your batting cage, including touch pad interfaces, ability to program different pitches, and our soon-to-be-launched, app-controlled pitching machines. These features allow you to tailor your hitting training session to your specific softball training needs.

Experience the ultimate in hitting practice with our ProBatter Softball Video Pitching Simulator. This state-of-the-art pitching machine melds advanced analytics with top-tier pitching robotics technology, recreating the most realistic softball game scenarios. With its high-definition (HD) video images of actual pitchers, you’ll feel as though you’re genuinely up against a premier pitcher.

Softball Video Pitching Simulator Delivered to {{Geography}}

Our Video Pitching Simulator allows you and your athletes to refine their swing against a range of pitches, all designed to mirror real game scenarios. Our video pitching machine mimics a real pitcher displayed on a video screen combined with our programmable robotic pitching machine technology.

This enhanced batting practice session allows the video pitching simulator to deliver any pitch imaginable, from fastballs and curveballs to risers and screwballs, all interchangeably just like in a real game, and at professional fastpitch velocities.

ProBatter Softball

ProBatter Softball Video Pitching Simulator Delivered to {{Geography}}

Adding a ProBatter Softball Video Pitching Simulator to your batting cages in {{Geography}} empowers your athletes and gives your team the softball training edge they need to elevate their game. Our cutting-edge video pitching simulators cater to both beginners and seasoned professionals, providing the ideal tool for improving timing and hitting skills for peak performance on game day.

ProBatter Softball

Automated Softball Video Pitching Simulators Delivered to {{Geography}}

Experience our automated softball video pitching simulators today and witness the transformation firsthand. With our sophisticated pitching technology, HD quality images of real pitchers, and adjustable pitch features, you’ll boost your batting average swiftly and secure more wins!

ProBatter Softball

ProBatter Provides:

Professional-grade Softball video pitching simulators for:

  • College-level softball teams and players
  • High school softball teams and players
  • Youth softball teams and players

ProBatter Softball

ProBatter Video Pitching Machines can throw any of the following pitches from both right handed and left handed pitchers at up to professional level velocities:

  • fast balls
  • risers
  • drops
  • changeups
  • curves

ProBatter offers the following video pitching machine models:

  • PX3 Softball Simulator
  • Challenger Programmable Pitching Machine
  • Professional PX3 Combo Units
  • Hack Attack Video Conversion Kit
  • Junior Hack Attack Video Conversion Kit
  • Hack Attack Video Conversion Kit
  • eHack Attack Video Conversion Kit
  • Strike Out Pro Pitcher trainer
  • Tunnels to Go – ProBatter II Iron Mike
  • Tunnels to Go – Fan Interactive
  • ProBatter Junior (Polyball)
  • ProBatter + Hittrax or Rapsodo

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