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How to use a pitching machine correctly

Baseball coaches usually use a pitching machine to enhance their pitchers’ performances. It helps them understand how to control the ball properly, throw more strikes, and boost their speed. But do you know how to use a pitching machine correctly?

While pitching a test, you must choose the correct pitch type and make the ground ready. Next, attach the chain to the device and shift the cone. Ultimately, you need to adjust the pulley.

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Steps to Using a Pitching Machine

1. Select the Proper Pitch Type

Pitching devices are available in various shapes and sizes. Hence, you can get an ideal model according to your requirements. Some pitching devices can be utilized both indoors and outdoors to help you reap the benefits of their versatile nature.

The prices of pitching devices are different depending on their design and features, but they all just create a stable pitch. Therefore, before buying a device, ensure you read the online reviews to get an idea of the best product.

You must select the right machine size before beginning. First, recognize the place you need to pitch and mark it for using a pitching device. Next, start the device and wait until it reaches its functional velocity.

2. Make the Ground Ready

Pitching machines work amazingly to enhance your batting and throwing skills. Before using it, make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt. Put the ball at the top of the device and fix the speed to medium-high. Place one hand on the handle and use the other to swing the device in a circular motion. When you reach your target area, release the ball by pressing down on the handle.

You can repeat this process until you have finished all the batting or throwing exercises. During every repetition, ensure to switch hands so that you can practice various body muscles.

3. Attach the Chain

Pitching devices help adults enhance their accuracy and arm speed. Moreover, kids can use them to boost their throwing skills. Make sure to read the guidelines before using the machine. And be sure to have ample space to precisely take care of the device and practice daily.

4. Adjust the Cone

Pitching devices are available in various sizes and can help you shift objects in a controlled way. The cone of the device helps instruct your object when you pitch it up or down. Keep your hands consistent during pitching. After finishing pitching, release the object by pressing the foot pedal. You can easily pitch the ball using the hand grip and the foot pedal.

5. Tweak the Pulley

Adjusting the pulley to the precise height and width is necessary to use a pitching device. Choose the pitch type by adjusting the screw on the machine’s side. You can adjust the machine’s velocity as well. After setting it up, put the ball inside and start throwing.



You must have patience to perfect your pitching skills. If you know how to use a pitching machine correctly, make sure to get a professional piece from ProBatter and win games.

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