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Our ProBatter products are the perfect promotional products for a variety of different applications and venues.

For example,can you think of a better way to get your fans into the game than by letting them hit against the actual game pitchers? Well, that might not be possible, but ProBatter Sports offers the next best thing—a mobile video pitching simulator with an inflatable batting tunnel that can be erected virtually anywhere in the stadium.

ProBatter’s Fan Attraction Package is based on our Tunnels to Go® product which includes a trailer mounted, video pitching simulator and inflatable batting cage. The fan enters the cage, watches a video image on a projection screen of an actual pitcher winding up and then tries to hit the pitch that is delivered through the screen in perfect synchronization with the image. Want to increase excitement? Use videos of the actual game pitcher and really get their attention. A scoring system is provided to display the distance the ball is actually hit. A net batting cage can be used in permanent installations.

The Tunnels to Go product employs a single pitch, Iron Mike pitching machine but ProBatter Sports can offer a multi-pitch version based on our ProBatter Professional line used by MLB teams as well as a softball version. It is the perfect attention grabber for fans. Think of the competitions that you can create. It is also a prime candidate for sponsorship and promotional opportunities.

Our units have been used at a variety of different venues, including:

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