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Category: Media Appearances

Q13 Fox News highlights Probatter simulator as latest technology in baseball training

Q13 Fox News made a news report about the Probatter pitching simulator. Reporter Casey interviews the training center and explains how the Probatter Simulator represents the latest technology in baseball training equipment. The simulator gives Professional players as well as young amateurs a real-life experience that helps them improve their timing mechanisms and allows them […]

ABC Louisville covers the opening of the first Probatter training simulator in Washington

WHAS-TV (ABC Louisville) – the channel covered the opening of the first Probatter training simulator in Washington, run by Ninja Sports Training Institution. The owner of the institutions explains that the Probatter simulator is suitable for all levels from major league players to baseball amateurs, mainly because it offers a life-like experience, which gives the […]

Kron4.com report on California Club House new ProBatter simulator

News report from Kron4.com – California Baseball Farm Club is offering Probatter high-tech training simulator for major league players, the virtual training tool represents a pitcher that throws a ball up to 100 miles an hour. The Redwood City company welcomes anyone to come and try their high-tech virtual trainer. The machine is customizable via […]