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Real pitcher with the ProBatter simulator

News about Baseball player Craig Biggio, one of the great veterans in baseball major leagues, retiring after 20 years of playing the game with the Houston’s Astros. The report speaks about the ProBatter. The pitching machine simulates a quality image of a real pitcher on a big screen, with a ball coming out of the […]

Training methods of the ProBatter

The Lab 2005 ProBatter Pitching Machine and Video Simulator demonstration. The ProBatter uses video to help enhance timing and hand-eye coordination. The machine uses a full touchscreen to select the training methods including eight types of pitches, speeds from 40 miles/h to 100 miles/hour, and more.

The ProBatter batting simulator programme

Fox29 Philadelphia report about the ProBatter simulator. John Anderson tries the batting simulator programmed with a 65 miles/hour fastball. The pitching machine simulates a quality video of a real pitcher on a big screen, with a ball coming out of the screen at various speeds.

Real-Life Training with the ProBatter training machine

ProBatter on Sunday, Fox & Friends. Adam Battersby, ProBatter simulator president, says that the pitching machine can be programmed to throw with multiple speeds, pitches, and locations. The ProBatter gives real-life training which is used by at least eight MLB teams. The balls are thrown by virtual pros, allowing players to practice with a real […]

Q13 Fox News highlights Probatter simulator as latest technology in baseball training

Q13 Fox News made a news report about the Probatter pitching simulator. Reporter Casey interviews the training center and explains how the Probatter Simulator represents the latest technology in baseball training equipment. The simulator gives Professional players as well as young amateurs a real-life experience that helps them improve their timing mechanisms and allows them […]