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Adam Battersby Drops In As A Guest On The “NowD1 Speaks” Podcast

Adam Battersby Drops In As A Guest On The “NowD1 Speaks” Podcast

Listen to the latest episode of NowD1 Speaks, where Adam Battersby, the CEO of Probatter Sports, shares his incredible journey and revolutionary creation. Adam, accompanied by his father Greg Battersby are the mastermind behind the advanced video pitching machine that has changed baseball training forever. Imagine a machine capable of delivering 10 different pitches, ranging […]

Practice with the ProBatter Simulator

Players at the batting cages trying the ProBatter simulator, wearing appropriate batting gear such as a helmet and gloves, and holding a bat. The players are practicing their hitting skills by trying to hit the balls thrown by the simulator.

Softball players training with the ProBatter PX2

News report at the Sandlot academy of lake force talks about softball players using the ProBatter PX2. Both major leagues and little leagues are training with the ProBatter which simulates different types of pitches, including curveballs, sliders, and fastballs. This allows players to practice their swings against a variety of pitching styles and improve their […]

Fox 61 news report about the ProBatter simulator

News report from Fox 61 about the new technology of ProBatter’s batting cage. The Connecticut company has worked on the software for four years to deliver the perfect ball. Jim Altman from Fox 61 reports that the big unit of the simulator includes a video screen and a pitching machine, which is able to replicate […]

Video pitching machine for baseball and softball

Sports Extra NY channel reports about the Probatter simulator. Adam Battersby at ProBatter sports describes the video pitching machine for baseball and softball, which is a real-life training product with both a right-handed and left handed-pitcher. The stimulator comes with a base model and a professional model. The last one is designed with a big […]

ProBatter at the Sandlot baseball and softball academy

On the KTLA morning shows from Hollywood, Brandy Williams went behind the scenes at the Sandlot baseball and softball academy in Lake Forest. According to the journalist, the academy provides state-of-the-art equipment and professional instruments. The owner, Mike Ramirez, has created this indoor training facility along with his partner with the aim of providing more […]

Hitting practice with the ProBatter simulator

News report about the beneficiaries of the ProBatter simulator. Several major league teams including the Cleveland Indians have been using the machine for a couple of years as a learning tool to practice their hitting skills. It’s become a routine for Bison hitters to go to the ballpark early to have some practice time.

Features of the ProBatter professional simulator

9 News reports about a different kind of pitching machine, the ProBatter professional simulator. Every throw looks and feels like it comes from a major-leaguer, which is exactly what separates it from other learning tools. Players can choose what to work on, fastballs and curveballs at any speed they choose to work on their weaknesses. […]

The ProBatter training machine is designed for all levels of players

7News Denver reports about playing baseball year-round indoors with the ProBatter simulator. According to the reports, the New York Yankees have this pitching machine in their Bronx, which is used to practice hitting skills and address the weaknesses of every player. The ProBatter is perfect for all levels of players, they can select the type […]

ProBatter simulator mechanism of action

Fox 6 San Diego reports with Adam Battersby from ProBatter. Adam explains the working mechanism of the simulator. It can be adjusted to various speeds, heights, and throwing modes. On-site, the training center has the portable, less expensive version of the simulator. It’s, nonetheless, still a piece of professional equipment, sought after by professional baseball […]

The perfect video training tool

FSN, Arizona’s Kevin Mccabe reports the story of a new technology, the ProBatter. The pitching machine made a hit among the major leagues including the Yankees, The Red Sox, the Mets, the Indians, and more. The stimulator incorporates technology with video to duplicate the experience of facing a real pitcher. Doug Vroman, a former pro […]

Real pitcher with the ProBatter simulator

News about Baseball player Craig Biggio, one of the great veterans in baseball major leagues, retiring after 20 years of playing the game with the Houston’s Astros. The report speaks about the ProBatter. The pitching machine simulates a quality image of a real pitcher on a big screen, with a ball coming out of the […]

Training methods of the ProBatter

The Lab 2005 ProBatter Pitching Machine and Video Simulator demonstration. The ProBatter uses video to help enhance timing and hand-eye coordination. The machine uses a full touchscreen to select the training methods including eight types of pitches, speeds from 40 miles/h to 100 miles/hour, and more.

The ProBatter batting simulator programme

Fox29 Philadelphia report about the ProBatter simulator. John Anderson tries the batting simulator programmed with a 65 miles/hour fastball. The pitching machine simulates a quality video of a real pitcher on a big screen, with a ball coming out of the screen at various speeds.