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Are Pitching Machines Worth It?

Pitching machines are highly beneficial for baseball. They help players understand timing and stance without being concerned about the ball. Also, the batters learn various pitching styles in a calm ambiance. And they enable constant batting practice without exhausting a pitcher. So, are pitching machines worth it? Let’s reveal it in this blog!

With lots of perks, it’s tough to understand why some still don’t think using a pitching machine is a good idea. Although automation has some benefits, it has some restrictions as well. After all, a machine cannot replace a human’s motion. Let’s understand why using a pitching machine is a good idea!

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Advantages of Using a Pitching Machine

A good hitter needs lots of skills to play baseball. Timing, mechanics, and placement are crucial skills. Pitching devices are the best training tool. Without a pitcher or coach, the hitter can run drills on repetition as much as required.

1. Building Timing

Timing is a vital skill that hitters build. Pitching devices help with timing in some circumstances. Hitters can practice with slower or quicker pitches according to their requirements. For novice players, practicing with these devices helps them calm their nerves.

2. Enhancing Mechanics

Every hitter should master the mechanics of moving their body with the bat. Although the rules are similar, posture and position are new. Mechanics like swing and batting stance build depending on every batter’s choice. Some players are excellent at hitting for distance or swinging for speed, whereas others are better at swinging for covering the entire plate.

Pitching devices help batters discover their choices. Constant practice and assessing video recordings can be a unique coaching tool. Players can even make adjustments to their systems in a controlled ambiance.

3. Practicing Target Skills

Pitching machines can recreate pitches, and that’s the biggest strength of these devices. It’s hard to find a coach or pitcher who can hit a similar spot repetitively. If the hitter must practice hitting pitches that fall inside, the device can create that. And if they have to swing for pitches that spot on the external edge of the plate, the device can create that also. These machines are demanding tools and perfect for target skill practicing. They are worthy of their capacity to maintain consistency.

Should You Go for a Pitching Machine?

So, are pitching machines worth it? Pitching devices can be an essential tool for many batters, but they cannot replace them for live pitchers. Hence, we cannot reasonably say that pitching devices are helpful or useless. After all, every device has particular pros and cons. And these pros and cons depend on the way you utilize the device.

As discussed above, pitching devices are ideal for target skill practicing. However, they cannot replace live pitchers during batting practices. Hitters who work with these machines should know working on different styles, spins, and speeds. So, familiarity is the most critical application of these tools. All in all, these devices are ideal for novice or nervous batters. If you need a good pitching machine for baseball, check ProBatter’s range of devices and select one in no time.

Realistic Cricket Bowling Simulation: A Revolution in the Sports Industry

Since their launch, cricket bowling simulators have helped novice and pro cricketers with their training. Bowling devices have eliminated human effort in coaching; however, they pushed humans towards more effective training sessions. Advancing technology a bit more, the launch of ProBatter’s realistic cricket bowling simulation has maximized the boundaries in cricket coaching and training. Read more if you want to know how this simulation can transform the future of cricket.

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An Improved Experience

ProBatter’s cricket simulators have an intellect of their own. Cricketers and coaches can use the device to create any delivery of their choice. The length, line, bounce, speed, and variation are customizable according to the users’ preferences. On the other hand, bowling devices sometimes create a restricted variation.

Personalization of Every Experience

It is another fundamental feature of ProBatter’s cricket bowling simulation machine. The device can store every user’s performance record. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), the ProBatter video simulator helps the player and the coach by keeping information from all deliveries experienced. Moreover, it helps with a comprehensive analysis of every training session.

The Rise of Automation

Although bowling devices have eliminated human effort, they still need two persons to operate them. ProBatter has gone a step ahead by requiring one user to use the simulator. By clicking a button, the users can customize their experience to their preferences. Everything is possible with an easy, remotely connected machine like a mobile phone or tablet, from organizing a training session to customizing every ball to the batter’s choice. Training has become easier than before.

Excellent Feedback from Coaches

By reducing the requirement for a second individual, coaches have no burden of their responsibility for answering to a device’s needs. They can place themselves close to the players, including essential human input to the simulator’s info. Thereby, it helps coaches closely concentrate on crucial aspects of the batter’s game, i.e., strategy, balance, footwork, etc.

Final Words

ProBatter PX3 cricket video simulator is one of the latest innovations used by leading national teams. The device is designed based on a state-of-the-art pitch head, and a touch screen controller operates it. It contains a video production screen on which it projects the video image of cricket bowling. The device can bowl at between 60 and 160 KPH. Moreover, it allows batters to encounter realistic gaming conditions that result in enhanced rhythm, timing, and match functionalities.

If you seek a user-friendly and fully programmable cricket video simulator, go for ProBatter PX3. Batters can select from many deliveries for wrist-spin, pace, and finger spin bowlers, including good length, swinging, half volley, bouncers, off-spin, and leg-spin. The features of this device incorporate numerous professional skill levels with level and age-appropriate videos to give a realistic cricket bowling simulation.

Featuring a touch-screen controller and consisting of a video front a genuine bowler, this top-notch machine works its best to shape up the future of the cricket industry. We work effortlessly to extend our participation in sports. Visit our website to learn more about our machines.

Seeking a Professional Softball System? Go For a 3-Wheel Pitching Machine

Over the last few years, pitching devices have become exceptional to the point a 3-wheel pitching device can simulate real-life pitchers more than the 2-wheel ones. Therefore, the team that spends on this professional softball system will always enjoy more benefits than their opponents.

One of the biggest benefits is that the 3-wheel pitcher lets you rest your pitcher arms, allowing you to prepare the whole rotation for the forthcoming game. Read on to learn more about why you should go for this professional device for softball.

professional softball system image

Perks of Using a Three-Wheel Pitcher

Here are some notable benefits of using a 3-wheel pitching device:

1. More Accuracy

Since every wheel of a 3-wheel pitcher sometimes utilizes individual motors, they pitch more precisely than 1 or 2-wheel pitchers. Hence, you can hold your batting session for the whole rotation while resting your pitchers’ arms for the next game. Moreover, you can utilize the practice for icing and stretching the pitchers or provide them with an easy pitching practice. And it will help you make the whole team ready to play appropriately on defense and offense.

2. Better Control over Pitches

Since most 3-wheel pitchers use individual motors for every wheel, you can adjust each wheel to spin separately from the rest two. It will help you control the pitch type and speed by changing a knob for adjusting every wheel. The capacity of turning a 3-wheel pitching device to throw any pitch means you can simulate a specific rise. Hence, your team can be ready to experience a pitcher who can throw a slider, curve, or a difficult-to-hit pitch.

3. Fielding Practice with More Accuracy

Since a 3-wheel softball system can pitch with more precision, it can also accurately throw a ball into the field. It means you can rest the pitchers a day before the game and organize the day also. Instead of using the pitching device for pitching real batters, you can use it for simulating them. It will help you rotate your beginning arrangement with other players, so the whole team gets a good practice session.

4. Pitches Practice Balls and Baseballs

If you have used a 1 or 2-wheel pitching device before, you must have experienced a baseball come pitching out of the device and flying up in the air by leaving the leather. But the biggest perk of a 3-wheel pitching simulator is that you can explore real baseballs without worrying about it consuming the leather.

Since you can modify every wheel for applying more pressure on the pitch point, this pitching simulator won’t be very tough on baseballs. It will enable every batter to alter their swings and hit the baseballs on the bat’s sweet spot.

Are You Ready to Reap Benefits of a Pro Softball System?

At ProBatter, we support every sport and sportsperson and help them play sports like baseball, softball, cricket, etc., more conveniently. Hence, we provide the industry-best, professional softball system on the market. Our pitching machines work perfectly for the batting cages. Check our website to learn more about the devices we provide.

Commercial Pitching Machines for Batting Cages: Find the Best One for the Money

Using a commercial pitching machine during your practice sessions is an excellent way to grow and enhance batting skills. Moreover, it can help parents with dead arm syndrome and coaches get relieved. Before buying commercial pitching machines for batting cages, get foolproof knowledge about the device for your hard-earned money. Hence, without further discussion, let’s read on!

commercial pitching machines for batting cages image

Selecting the Best Pitching Machine for the Money

If versatility is your primary goal and you need a video pitching simulator that is ideal to use for batting cages, here are the features you should seek:

1. Left and Right-Hand Pitch

Are you a left-hand pitcher or a right-hand pitcher? You can search out devices that can perform the pitching task from both sides. However, the options are limited, and these pitchers are costly also.

2. Softball or Baseball?

You can find a pitching device that fits both your requirements for softball and baseball. Some machines can meet your needs, but they can be quite expensive.

3. Fielding Practice

Many pitching device makers put lots of effort and time into manufacturing these devices. If you are a demanding person, go for a device that can provide constant pitching and the choice of simulating fly balls and grounders.

4. Pitch Location and Speed Variation

Another feature you want to attain is easy and rapid speed and location variations. Although repetitively experiencing the same speed can amazingly make young players comfortable in batting cages, pitchers will begin to adjust locations and speeds as they step into higher levels. It can be time-consuming with some costlier pitching machines due to their bulky weight.

5. Safety

If you consider safety a goal, sacrifice for a machine that doesn’t pitch real baseballs. After all, getting hit by a baseball many times can spoil a young batter’s confidence. Hence, find a device that won’t hurt as much when the batter gets hit but will provide a similar feel when the ball makes contact with you.

6. Price

Price is one of the most crucial factors in choosing a commercial video pitching simulator. While looking for all the features mentioned above may sound a bit fussy, it’s your hard-earned money that you will use to purchase the device. All you need is to find a machine that fulfills all the goals mentioned above and still be within your budget.

So, What Is The Best Commercial Pitching Device For The Money?

The pitching simulator that you should go for is the ProBatter video pitching simulator. With all the amazing features, specifications, and good prices, this device is undoubtedly the best pitching device you will find for the money. It is one of the best commercial pitching machines for batting cages that provide everything mentioned above.

If you want a video pitching simulator that pitches real baseballs and provides all of the features discussed above, check out ProBatter’s website. If you have any other concerns or queries regarding the best pitching device for the money, feel free to contact ProBatter Sports and get assistance.

What to Consider When Buying a Programmable Pitching Machine

With days passing by, baseball pitching machines are becoming more high-end. A few of these devices have become backdated as they don’t support some hi-tech features that baseball players may seek in a premium programmable pitching machine. Now manufacturers also know about the competition, and they try to deliver the best pitching devices that are multi-tasking.

Finding the best device can be challenging as different hitters and pitchers flood the market with various features to meet every player’s need. If the buyer doesn’t know about its utility, they must have more information.

Many people select this pitching based on the buying cost. The most affordable one becomes the most demanding option. Although the usefulness of this device decides its price, you must not only consider the price while buying a baseball pitcher.

programmable pitching machine probatter image

How to Purchase a Baseball Pitching Device

It would help to consider several factors when purchasing a softball or baseball pitching device. Here are a few of them:

1. Portability

In many cases, the convenience of moving around with a pitching device can be a consideration. After all, you may require carrying it to an area where you can have sufficient space to pitch a batting cage or something else. These days, many pitchers feature wheels to help move around quickly.

2. Durability

The longevity of a pitching device is another crucial factor to consider before buying. Some manufacturers may offer low-quality products and cannot assure about their durability. Hence, it would help if you looked at the warranty to know its durability. If the warranty period is more extended, the machine is more durable. Moreover, you can decide on longevity by choosing well-known brands like ProBatter.

3. Auto or Manual Ball Feeder

It would help to consider whether you would use the device and play solo or have somebody help feed the balls. If you play solo, you should purchase an auto ball feeder that loads balls automatically. The manual feeder can be a hassle for a solo player as you need someone to help feed the balls.

4. Speed

Speed is a very vital consideration for buying a pitching machine. Some devices are extremely slow and are made for novice players. They are not meant for professional or expert baseball players. So, the speed of the device will decide who will use it.

5. Player’s Age Group

Baseball pitching gadgets are available in several features, speed, weights, shapes, and sizes, based on the player’s age group. Hence, it is crucial to consider the player’s age group before buying the gadget. After all, these machines are manufactured differently for kids, youths, and adults.

 6. Cost

The cost becomes a problem if you have a restricted budget and cannot spend more than a particular amount. However, you should favor the primary features of the device and not the cost. After all, if the price becomes low, there will be restrictions on the most vital components of a pitching machine.

So, this is what you need to consider when buying a programmable pitching machine. Check out the ProBatter pitching devices for a better sporting experience.

Master the baseball game with a baseball throwing machine

Master the baseball game with a baseball throwing machine

The secret to preparing your baseball team for an upcoming game is to prepare them to play all types of pitches to improve their game. It is a great way to ensure that the players become competitive on the field and improve their hitting percentage. And one of the best ways to ensure this is by investing in a baseball throwing machine.


Baseball throwing machines are perfect for the league players to learn to time and master the stance without being afraid of the ball. The machines are an excellent way to familiarize the batters with various pitching styles. Also, the baseball throwing machine allows for repetitive batting practice without wearing out the pitcher’s arm. 

baseball throwing machine probatter image

In baseball, the hitter needs to have a skill set. Timing, placement, and mechanics are all vital skills. The baseball pitching machine is the right tool to run repetitions on drills. Without a pitcher or coach, the batter can run the same exercise with the same pitch as many times as is necessary. 


Benefits of using baseball throwing machine


  1. Improves mechanics: The hitters can’t master the game without proper mechanics. The hitter needs to master how their body moves with the bat. Though the swing and batting stance depends on the individual preference, some players are naturally better at hitting for distance or swinging for speed. The baseball throwing machine helps the batter find their comfort zone without worrying about the pitcher’s arm getting tired.

  2. Improved timing: Timing is one of the crucial things that a hitter needs to master. The batter needs to have hand-eye coordination, and they also need to understand when it is time to swing the ball. It will immensely help them hit the ball more accurately and effectively. The hitter can practice with slower or faster pitches depending on their needs and master it. It will put the players at ease when they face the pitcher. The new players can even put an end to their at-bat jitters.

  3. Skill practice: The baseball throwing machines can reproduce the pitches endlessly, whereas, in a real game, it is difficult to find a pitcher who can consistently hit the same spot pitch after pitch. So, in case the hitter needs to work on the pitches that fall on the inside, the machine can produce them endlessly. It will help the player become an all-around hitter as the machines can be set up to throw screwballs, curveballs, and palm balls. 


If you are planning to invest in the baseball throwing machine, you must check for the most advanced machines with built-in features for training purposes. The machine should have features programmed to deliver various pitches speed limits, easy to use, simple designs, pitches thrown to multiple positions, and video images synchronized with the release of an actual baseball. The Probatters baseball throwing machine is packed with these features to help the players take their game to the next level.

An automated pitching system can give your team leverage over a competitor

An automated pitching system can give your team leverage over a competitor

In the last few years, automated pitching systems have become a lot more advanced to the point that it is pretty close to the real-life pitching experience. So whether it comes to baseball or softball, mastering the proper technique and form for batting is crucial to learning the sport. Visiting the batting cage with an automatic pitching machine allows the batter to practice the critical aspect to stimulate a real pitcher. 


automated pitching system probatter image


That means the teams and colleges that invest in these machines are sure to have an advantage over their competitors. Some of the advantages of an automated pitching system are:


  1. Improved timing: Knowing when to swing is the key to hitting the ball, and pitches thrown at different speeds require the batter to adjust the fly. Automatic pitching systems at batting cages come with adjustable settings that allow the players to receive the pitches at different speeds. It helps the players familiarize themselves with the various game scenarios enabling the batter to know when to swing based on the ball speed. It is perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and helps improve the team’s performance in the actual game.


  1. Adds to precision: The secret behind developing muscle memory is repetition. The automatic pitching system in the batting cage assures consistency and helps the players master the skill in a systematic way. The system can throw the same pitch every time, so the players can get into the rhythm and increase their precision. The system is more reliable than a human pitcher as it does not throw inconsistently or fatigued.

  2. A mix of various pitches: The automatic pitching system can throw many pitches like screwballs, curveballs, and change-ups. Understanding the ball’s movement and the effect of the speed help the players get in the form. You can even program the system to aim for the same spot each time, like the outside or inside the plate. It helps the players practice hitting in different areas. The players will learn to recognize what kind of pitch is thrown and the proper technique to hit it.

  3. Adds to confidence: One of the most significant advantages the automatic pitching system offers is that even beginners can get familiar with the batting without being judged or pressured. With regular practice, even novice players can overcome their anxiety and concentrate on the ball and perform well. The system allows the players to get familiarized with various pitches, hitting techniques, and stances to increase their confidence level. 


If you want to invest in an excellent automated pitching system, check out Probatter. Their machines can virtually throw any bowl that a pitcher can pitch. Their product aims to develop and refine the advanced hitting skills of the batter. Their research and development team is always looking for new technologies and strategies to improve their existing systems to ensure a real game-like experience. 

Features to look for in the softball pitching machines

If your kid has suddenly developed an interest in softball and you want to kindle their passion for this beautiful sport by doing everything you can in your power, you truly are an amazing parent. But buying the necessary equipment, gear and searching for the perfect team is not enough. The most important aspect is to make time for practice amid your work schedule and kids’ school hours. And even if you try and make time adjustments, the harsh weather can kill the joy. But don’t stress. There is an easy solution; just find the place with the right softball pitching machine. 

pre selected sequence of pitches image

Softball pitching machines are excellent to develop hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and an opportunity for the hitters to make as many hits as they like. Whether the player needs to practice a 90-mph slider or the 60-mph curveball, softball pitching machines can help fit the specific needs with a touch of a button. The machines help the players gain confidence and get better at the game as the speed can be adjusted to allow the hitter to increase their confidence. Here are some features to look for in the softball pitching machines: 


  1. Different ball throws: It is best to look for the softball pitching machine that can throw fastballs, changeups, curveballs, riseballs, drops, and screwballs. The pitching machines work best for professional and beginners athletes and help them improve their hitting accuracy and timing in no time. 


  1. Ease of use: Look for the cutting edge softball pitching machines that can be operated by a touch screen controller and contain a video projection screen on which the image of the pitcher is projected. The simulator can be programmed to deliver a specific pre-selected sequence of pitches. It is highly user-friendly therefore making it super easy to use. 
  2. Varied speed: The machine should deliver professional quality pitches thrown at multiple positions outside and within the strike zone at varied speeds between 40 and 100 MPH. It assures a game-like experience to the players. The player needs to train for both fast and slow pitches to be complete hitters. 
  3. Automatic ball feeder: Look for a reliable machine and comes with an optional automatic ball feeder system. The feeder holds the balls and lets them into the machine, saving time and energy.


Before investing in the softball pitching machine, it is best to check out the reviews of the softball machine. Buy the one that is accurate, offers a state-of-the-art game experience and is affordable. One such company is Probatter that offers a softball pitching machine that is a perfect combination of technology and engineering. It provides the best of the features and even offers combo units that are a machine that can be combined softball and baseball into a single device. The company even provides ball tracking software for an added cost to enhance the game experience. 


Features to look for in the virtual cricket simulator

If you are seriously looking to improve your cricket game, there is nothing better than practising with the virtual cricket simulator. It offers an immersive game experience by engaging in digital and physical experiences. The simulators are versatile and double up as an ultimate training tool and provide endless, limitless entertainment. With the simulator, the players get to practice round the year and not worry about the harsh weather conditions, missing players and non-availability of the grounds. 

bowling simulation image

If you plan to invest in a quality product, it is best to look for a virtual cricket simulator that offers a state-of-the-art experience. The features to look for in the virtual cricket simulator are: 

  1. Intuitive system: The simulator should be equipped with artificial intelligence. It should be an intuitive system that will change, that is, either increase or decrease the complexity of the variations. It makes it useful for people of all skills and age groups, ensuring a realistic cricket bowling simulation experience.
  2. Adjustable: You can even adjust to simulate the left-handed or right-handed bowlers. It ensures a higher degree of efficiency and personalization. Not only this, some even let the players choose the day and night experience.
  3. Speed variation: The virtual cricket simulator should be capable of bowling at between 60 KPH to 160 KPH. The simulator should allow the batter to experience the game-like conditions that result in improved timing, match performance and rhythm.
  4. Varied ball delivery types: The batter should be able to select from the wide variety of different fully programmable ball deliveries for Wrist Spin bowlers, pace bowlers, finger spin bowlers, leg spin, full toss, arm ball, googly, flipper, good length, off-spin and swing bowlers.
  5. Accuracy: The simulator should offer pinpoint accuracy by creating realistic delivery lines, trajectories, and angles when facing the left-handed and right-handed bowlers. Look for a cutting edge simulator that comes with a video image of a real-life cricket bowler whose timing is integrated with the pitch head.
  6. Pitch simulation: The player can choose the desired pitch accordingly; the swing, bounce and deviation of the pitch can be experienced by the batter. It is a great way to improve the game experience and enjoy it to the maximum. 

If you are confused about which simulator to choose from, check the ProBatter. They offer state-of-the-art simulators that are accepted at all levels of the sport. The simulator allows the players to make most of the batting practice as it will enable you to custom program your desired bowlers and their deliveries and bowling styles. It is a great way to improve the match performance better than any other way. A virtual cricket simulator is a great way to spread the joy of cricket to the world as it offers a realistic, accurate and efficient experience to improve the match performance. 

Why Baseball simulator in a batting cage is a great idea

Why Baseball simulator in a batting cage is a great idea

It won’t be wrong to say that the baseball simulator for batting has revolutionised the way of sports training. It is a great way to help players reach their hitting and batting goals as it ensures improved timing, rhythm and performance on the game day. The baseball simulator is created by a team that involves engineers, video specialists, and software developers with professional baseball players to ensure that the baseball simulator offers the ultimate experience. 

baseball simulator for batting image

If you are aiming to be the best baseball batter, here are some of the reasons why you should try a baseball simulator for batting practice:


  1. Fantastic experience: The new age baseball simulators are designed to recreate different types of pitches like curves, fastballs, cutters, sinkers, split-finger fastballs, changeups, and sliders to create a game-like condition in the batting cage. The simulator can deliver pitches from both left-hand pitchers and right-hand pitchers using the images of the pitches from the stretch and the full windup. Not all the simulators can deliver the pitches thrown to multiple positions both within and outside the strike zone at speed between 40 MPH to 100 MPH. As the simulator can be programmed to randomly deliver the specifically selected sequence of pitches, it is always fun to play.
  2. Excellent tool for a coach: Coaches can use the baseball simulators to set it up to throw the pitches where the players need improvement. It can be a great tool to work on the players’ batting weaknesses. Coaches can also use the data generated to offer guidance and instructions when using the simulators.

  3. Comprehensive statistics: The players can get in-depth, accurate and complete statistics on their performance and technique, which will help them identify the areas of improvement. As players compete with other players, healthy competition can drive improvement.

  4. Improves skill: The baseball simulator can help increase the technique and skills of the players. Also, there is an added element of competition and immediate assessments to motivate the progress for the players as it provides data like exit speed, distance, line drive percentage, launch angle, and many more to improve the players swing mechanics. 


All these benefits of a baseball simulator are sure to help the players up their game and prepare for the upcoming league or match. A baseball simulator can help baseball athletes enhance their skills by simulating certain scenarios. It is ideal for players of relatively any skill level. Even complete beginners can try their hands on the game with this fantastic baseball simulator technology. With the help of this technology, you can even encourage the kids to take up this sport and master it with some practice. 


In the end, remember that a baseball simulator is a modern and fun way to improve and learn baseball as this system emulates real baseball game experience to enhance the skill. 


Confused whether to invest in an indoor batting cage or not- Read This

Confused whether to invest in an indoor batting cage or not


The offseason for baseball feels like a long time. It can be long for the hitter to lose the groove and confidence. For baseball players, practising the swing is the best way to improve their overall ability. But in harsh weather conditions, practising for longer durations isn’t an option, Therefore, visiting an indoor batting cage centre or buying an indoor batting cage is ideal. Here are some of the reasons why it is good to invest in the indoor batting cage:


indoor batting cage image


  1. No weather limitation: Indoor batting cage allows you to practice on your schedule as you are not at the mercy of the weather conditions like rain, frigid temperatures or snow. It is a considerable benefit as consistency is the key in developing athletic skills, and the indoor batting cage provides a familiar environment to focus better. It means more practice time before the league game begins, and it refines your skills and ensures that you are ready with your A-game. Remember, to become a pro athlete, a year-round practice schedule and commitment is all that is needed. 


  1. Develop core strength: The practice of swinging the bat helps you build the core muscles. The more often you do this, the stronger the lower back, abdominal and hip muscles. It is critical to have core strength for fluidity and power of the swing. Proximal strength and stability lead to healthier joints and better performance. Proximal force leads to better performance and healthier joints. 


  1. Master hitting technique: If the indoor batting cage has video pitching simulators, it gives you an excellent chance to play a variety of balls that any pitcher can deliver. It is a perfect way to mimic the experience of being in the game. As you take swing after swing, it helps in improving hand-eye coordination. In the batting cage, the batter has the chance to stand in the box for as long as it is required to improve on its form and perfect the swinging technique. 


  1. Improve technique: At the indoor batting cage, you get the chance to focus on batting without having to worry about giving the pitcher a break or tracking down the balls around the field. You can bat until your results are satisfying and even allow you to pay attention to a technique like a grip, hip placement and foot location. Also, an indoor batting cage will enable you to focus on precision. 


Remember, an indoor batting cage is an integral part of the baseball program, so choosing the right one is essential. It ensures that the players get to practice throughout the year and improves decision-making, boosts coordination, and adds to the skill set. When choosing the indoor batting cage, you need to consider a few things like batting cage length, width, and height as it impacts the playing experience. 

Five Considerations for Installing a Cricket Video Simulator

cricket video simulator image

Sometimes, installing a cricket video simulator can be complicated based on your skills and expertise. Some simulators are easy to manage, while some are complex to set up and transport. If you plan to set up a cricket simulator, get one that is highly portable and easy to install. But before setting up this device, you must consider a few things. Here we go:

1. Reason for Using

First, you should decide the reason for using a cricket simulator. You can use this machine for different purposes, such as training and entertainment. At ProBatter, we have our latest PX3 simulators. It is ideal for moving from one place to another. You can use it for training and entertainment. Its pitch head can reach a speed between 40 and 100mph. It is ideal for training cricketers.

2. Quality of Projection

Generally, academics, national teams, and counties have been using bowling machines for training cricketers where these machines have also been in use for entertainment purposes. Nonetheless, using simulators, you will get a different experience of bowling running down for bowling at you. Thereby, the projection quality decides the experience quality.

Crucial aspects impact the projection quality, including the screen, the projector’s position, its material, and the screen’s blackout. We suggest setting up your projector onto the top for the best projection quality.

3. Place of Installation

The best thing about the ProBatter PX3 cricket simulator is that you can install it both indoor and outdoor. Indoor installation would have distinct needs compared to outdoor installation. Moreover, the type of installation also differs depending on the simulator’s usage. Every simulator’s uses are different. For instance, for indoor facilities, the simulator may need cricket netting.

However, there will be enough additions to the structure in terms of outdoor installation. It helps make the simulator windproof. Also, you can install a roof onto the outdoor simulator.

4. Pitch Length

The pitch length is a crucial aspect to check for several reasons. A standard pitch is almost 20 metres long. However, it becomes tough to find a 20m long pitch, particularly indoors. You require adequate length to install the simulator to various swing settings, lines, and speeds to meet your requirements.

Furthermore, it is crucial to make adjustments in the device for the pitch, swing, pace, and ball spin. The pitch length is essential for training and entertainment as it decides the experience quality.

5. Types of Surface

The type of playing surface is another crucial point to consider. There are different types of surfaces used for entertainment ranging from mats to grass, while for training purposes, you should have surfaces similar to the real-life mats or pitches.

Sometimes, while installing outdoor cricket simulators, people use the grass surface. It would help if you remembered that the surface decides the bounce and spin of the ball. Therefore, we recommend trimming the grass surface as much as possible.

So, these are five crucial things you should consider while installing a cricket video simulator. Contact ProBatter to learn more about the simulators!

Four Reasons to Use Video Pitching Simulators

When it comes to enhancing a game, cricket or baseball players have to sharpen their skills. It makes them more competitive and confident on the field. One of the best ways to enhance your hitting percentage is video pitching simulators. Using this device helps boost your swing on the field.

When using a pitching simulator, there are some upsides and downsides. Many cricketers or baseball players and coaches don’t prefer using this mechanism as it’s not the actual thing of experiencing a live arm. Nonetheless, this device is helpful for timing, hand-eye coordination, and bat control if used properly.

Using a pitching simulator guide can help you pick a suitable one for you. Read on to learn the reasons for choosing a video simulator.

video pitching simulators image

Why You Need a Video Simulator

1. It Enhances a Batter’s Basic Hitting Techniques

Players who want to practice the best hitting technique must use this device. This machine fires many baseballs or cricket balls repeatedly. You can stand in a specific spot and hit those balls when they come. This function will help you concentrate on your hitting type and method. Alongside using the appropriate hitting methods, a simulator can help you practice these features.

2. You Can Practice Independently

Baseball and cricket are group sports, but players often should practice alone. Sometimes, if any player wants to boost his batting capacity, he will need to show some effort without involving the team. A pitching simulator can help him get the additional time required to enhance his batting skills independently.

3. It Boosts a Batter’s Timing

Timing is essential while hitting a fastball travelling. Most good pitchers maintain a proper speed while throwing a ball. Batters must have appropriate hand-eye coordination and know when to swing at a ball. Hence, they must use a pitching simulator for accelerating their timing. It will help them in hitting more precisely and efficiently.

4. You Can Adjust to Different Throwing Styles

Every pitcher throws balls with a different speed or style. A few pitchers throw balls straight, while some throw with a curve. Although their throwing styles are not the same, they have a stable throwing form. If a batter can understand this, he can achieve more hits.

A pitching simulator can help batters adjust to various throwing styles. You can set up this device for throwing palm balls, screwballs, and curveballs. Different attributes on this device enable several pitchers’ throws.

Which is the Best Pitching Simulator?

Video simulators are costly pitching tools. Hence, you should find a device that will last for a long time, so players don’t find it useless very fast. Numerous pitching simulators are available in the marketplace. Finding the suitable one according to your requirement and budget takes time and effort. You must consider the players’ age and the device’s location. After all, portability is an excellent feature of this machine.

When it comes to getting excellent and effective video pitching simulators, you should consider choosing the one from ProBatter. They have some helpful pitching machines that can enhance a batter’s fundamentals.

Example Blog Post

Why Magnetic Headlines Are Crucial for Your Posts

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Use subheads to improve readability and gather interest

Here you can begin to describe the underlying causes of the problem you have the solutions to, using persuasive arguments and great storytelling, and readers will have no choice but to read more.

Subheads help readers scan your content quickly

Bullet points are helpful to keep your copy reader-friendly, and a proven standard for making a solid argument:

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