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What is the Essence of Baseball Coaching? “And That’s The Game Podcast” Ep #09 With Wayne Mazzoni and Mike McFerrin

What is the Essence of Baseball Coaching? “And That’s The Game Podcast” Ep #09 With Wayne Mazzoni and Mike McFerrin

Welcome, Mike McFerrin, our esteemed guest on the “And That’s The Game” podcast, brought to you by ProBatter Sports. I’m your host, Wayne Mazzoni, here to explore the intricate world of baseball through the lens of a seasoned coach and player.

A Journey Through Baseball

Mike’s relationship with baseball is profound and unique, significantly contrasting to the typical professional coaching trajectory. Mike’s path was distinct, unlike many peers who ventured into coaching after their professional playing careers. He entered coaching right after his college baseball days, enriching his approach through self-taught techniques and relentless passion.

Growing up in Albany, New York, Mike faced unique challenges akin to “playing hockey in Florida,” as he puts it. The seasonal limitations significantly shaped his early experiences and love for the game. Despite these hurdles, he thrived, spurred by an environment that celebrated the game only a few months each year.

The Evolution of a Coach

Mike’s coaching career began unexpectedly. Despite initial resistance to the idea of coaching, a stint in a soul-sucking desk job quickly realigned his trajectory back towards baseball, confirming his passion lay within the diamond. Starting as a performance coach for a local youth team, Mike’s natural aptitude for coaching and strategy blossomed. His self-taught journey and frustrations as a player fueled his approach to coaching, emphasizing empathy and a deep understanding of individual player needs.

Philosophies of Coaching and Personal Development

One of the most compelling aspects of Mike’s story is his philosophy on personal and player development. His journey underscores a significant theme: the challenges and setbacks one faces are often the most potent fuel for future success. Mike views coaching as an extension of personal development, where improving others goes hand in hand with self-improvement.

Throughout his career, from minor league coaching positions to his role at Wake Forest and then with the Oakland A’s, Mike has maintained a learner’s mindset. He believes firmly in the power of knowledge and the impact of a growth-oriented approach, both for players and coaches.

A Modern Approach to an Age-Old Game

In today’s fast-evolving game, where technology and data are pivotal, Mike’s strategies are profoundly informed yet intuitively simple. He emphasizes understanding the player’s needs and the game’s demands over blindly following data. His success lies in his ability to blend traditional coaching instincts with modern analytical tools, creating a coaching methodology that is both effective and profoundly humanistic.

Conclusion: The Game Beyond the Game

As we wrapped up our conversation, it became clear that Mike McFerrin’s approach to baseball and coaching transcends the sport itself. It’s about shaping characters and molding young athletes into not only better players but better individuals. His journey, marked by self-discovery, resilience, and a constant quest for knowledge, offers invaluable lessons not just for aspiring baseball players and coaches but for anyone looking to master their craft and impact others positively.


Join us next time on “And That’s The Game,” where we continue to explore the hearts and minds of those who shape the game of baseball. Whether you’re a seasoned coach, a young player, or simply a fan of the game, there’s always something more to learn and appreciate in this beautiful game.


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