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Overcoming Physical Limits – Episode 10 of “And That’s The Game Podcast” with Eric Holtz

Overcoming Physical Limits – Episode 10 of “And That’s The Game Podcast” with Eric Holtz

Welcome to the 10th episode of “And That’s The Game Podcast,” presented by Pro Batter Sports. I’m your host, Wayne Mazzoni, and today we have a special guest, Eric Holtz. Eric’s journey in sports is anything but conventional, offering a treasure trove of insights and stories from his diverse experiences. From managing Game On 13 in Elmsford, NY, to being the Israeli Olympic Baseball Manager, Eric’s background is as varied as it is impressive.

Eric Holtz’s Unique Athletic Journey

Eric Holtz’s journey began with significant challenges. Born with spondylolisthesis, a birth defect in his lower spine, Eric had to wear a metal back brace from his chest down to his knees. Despite these limitations, he found solace and safety in baseball, the sport that became his lifelong passion. His father’s love for the Yankees, especially Lou Gehrig, further fueled his baseball dreams.

Growing up in the Bronx, Eric played various sports, though his spinal condition prevented him from participating in high-contact activities like football and hockey. However, he excelled in baseball, soccer, and basketball, showcasing his versatility and competitive spirit.


Overcoming Adversity: From College to Coaching

Eric’s college journey was far from smooth. Attending Dean Junior College, he faced challenges both academically and athletically. A tragic incident where a friend died in a drunk driving accident forced Eric to leave college temporarily, leading to his dismissal from the baseball team. Despite these setbacks, Eric’s resilience shone through as he walked onto the football team and continued to pursue his athletic dreams.

After college, Eric entered the garment industry, driven by the need to support his family. His hard work and determination paid off, eventually leading him to start his own successful company. However, his passion for baseball never waned.

The Transition to Coaching

In 2010, following his mother’s diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, Eric reevaluated his priorities. He decided to follow his passion for baseball, leading to the creation of Game On 13, a premier training facility in Elmsford, NY. Here, Eric focuses on fostering a love for the game, emphasizing hard work, resilience, and learning from failure.

Eric’s coaching journey took a significant turn when he became involved with Israel Baseball. From coaching Team USA in the Maccabi Games to leading Team Israel to the Tokyo Olympics, Eric’s impact on international baseball has been profound. His leadership and dedication helped elevate Israel Baseball to new heights, culminating in a historic Olympic appearance.

The Montefiore Advertising Campaign

Eric’s inspiring story caught the attention of Montefiore Medical Center, leading to a prominent advertising campaign. His journey from overcoming a spinal defect to becoming a successful coach and mentor resonated with many, highlighting the importance of resilience and perseverance.

Lessons for Young Athletes and Coaches

Eric’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, resilience, and the willingness to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. He encourages young athletes to continually strive for improvement, never settling for mediocrity. His message is clear: “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying. Keep pushing, keep striving, and never be satisfied.”

In this episode, Eric Holtz shares invaluable insights from his journey, offering lessons not just for athletes but for anyone striving to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. Thank you for tuning into “And That’s The Game Podcast.” We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into Eric Holtz’s remarkable story. Stay tuned for more inspiring episodes.

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