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How to Make a kid hit the ball? – Coach Florance in a new episode of “And That’s the Game”

How to Make a kid hit the ball? – Coach Florance in a new episode of “And That’s the Game”

In the third and latest episode of “And That’s the Game” podcast presented by ProBatter Sports and hosted by Wayne Mazzoni, baseball coach Danny Florence took center stage. With a remarkable career spanning 35 years across junior college, high school, and private instruction, Florence brought a wealth of experience and insights to the conversation.

Beyond his extensive coaching tenure, Florence’s journey into the world of sports is fascinating. While he engaged in various sports like motocross and football, it was baseball that truly captured his heart and left an enduring impact. His trajectory in the sport took an unexpected turn when an injury redirected his path, leading him to discover his innate talent for training and teaching at the remarkably young age of 20.

Reflecting on his coaching origins, Florence shared stories of success from his high school coaching days. However, the pinnacle of his career wasn’t solely tied to coaching; it expanded when he committed to establishing his training facility, “Frozen Ropes.” This bold venture turned out to be a remarkable investment, reaping rewards on both financial and technical fronts.

Presently, Florence dedicates his focus to hitting classes at Frozen Ropes. He highlighted the transformative role of Probatter simulators in enhancing players’ skills by immersing them in a high-tech batting cage. These simulators not only aid in skill development but also provide comprehensive analytical insights through videos and stats, offering a holistic view of a player’s performance.

Florence’s coaching philosophy extends beyond traditional hitting mechanics. He delves into the realms of visual and mental conditioning, striving to elevate players to new levels of excellence. He wants the kids to reach higher levels of skill, not just stick to the basics. He teaches them to think about the whole game, so they keep getting better all the time.

Through his dedication, innovative approach, and commitment to evolving training methods, Danny Florence continues to shape the future of baseball coaching, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and the aspiring players he mentors.