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From 6 Years in Independent Ball to College Head Coach – Alex Treza on “And That’s The Game” with Wayne Mazzoni

From 6 Years in Independent Ball to College Head Coach – Alex Treza on “And That’s The Game” with Wayne Mazzoni

Hello and welcome to this episode of “And That’s The Game” podcast presented by ProBatter Sports. I’m your host Wayne Mazzoni, and on this episode, we have Alex Treza.

Alex has a diverse background, transitioning from a standout college baseball player at Stony Brook to being drafted by the Detroit Tigers. He played many years of affiliated baseball, then moved to independent leagues, sharing many stories from those days.

Transition to Coaching

After his playing career, Alex began coaching at several schools, including a couple of years with me at Sacred Heart University. He then went on to become the head coach at LIU and later spent many years as the Associate Head Coach, Pitching Coach, and Recruiting Coordinator at Boston College. For the past several years, he has served as the Business Development Manager for Game Changer in their baseball division.

Diverse Playing Background

Alex’s journey in sports began in his youth, where he was involved in various sports including hockey and baseball. He shared how playing multiple sports helped him grow as an athlete and provided valuable life lessons. His passion for both hockey and baseball was evident, and he played both sports up to his college years at Stony Brook.

Decision to Focus on Baseball

During his senior year of high school, Alex faced a pivotal moment when he had to choose between pursuing hockey with the USA National Team or focusing on baseball. He chose to stay with his high school baseball team, a decision that set the course for his future in the sport. Despite the challenges, Alex’s dedication to baseball paid off, leading to a successful college career and eventually being drafted by the Detroit Tigers.

Minor League Journey

Alex’s journey through the minor leagues was filled with ups and downs. He shared the excitement of being drafted, the challenges of adjusting to professional baseball, and the mental toughness required to succeed. His time in the minor leagues was marked by significant growth as a player, including a transition to catching that ultimately increased his value as a prospect.

Transition to Independent Ball

After being released by the Tigers, Alex continued his career in independent baseball. Despite the challenges and lower pay, he remained dedicated to the game, playing for several more years while also starting to explore coaching opportunities.

Coaching Career Begins

Alex’s coaching career began at Anna Maria College, where he gained valuable experience while still playing. His coaching journey took him to various schools, including Adelphi University and the University of New Haven, before landing at Sacred Heart University.

Head Coaching at LIU

At LIU, Alex took on the role of head coach, a position that allowed him to implement his vision and build a program. Despite the challenges, he was committed to developing his players and creating a competitive team.

Joining Boston College

The opportunity to join Boston College as the Associate Head Coach and Pitching Coach was a significant step in Alex’s coaching career. Working in the ACC, he faced a higher level of competition and had the chance to recruit and develop top-tier talent.

Insights on Recruiting

Alex shared valuable insights into the recruiting process, emphasizing the importance of athleticism, versatility, and character. He highlighted the need for young athletes to play multiple sports and develop a well-rounded skill set.

Business Development with Game Changer

In recent years, Alex has transitioned to a business role with Game Changer, leveraging his extensive experience in baseball to help develop and promote the app. Game Changer provides valuable tools for coaches and players, including scoring, stats, and video analysis.

Alex Treza’s journey through baseball, from player to coach to business development manager, offers valuable lessons for athletes and coaches alike. His dedication, adaptability, and passion for the game have defined his career and continue to influence his work with Game Changer.

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