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Pitching machines are available in different styles. But, the two most popular of them all are the arm action machine and the circular wheel machine. The arm action one is the one that simulates the pitcher’s delivery and carries a ball at the bracket’s end, much like any hand would. However, learning how the automatic baseball pitching machine works is also a real deal before you can get one you like.




  • The arm action machine is crafted to deliver the ball in an overhand motion.
  • Then you have the circular wheel machine, which contains either one, two or three wheels that spin like a bike tire.
  • The wheels of the circular machine are mostly set either horizontally or vertically.
  • With the help of the circular machine, you can get the ball shot out towards the hitter after it has been fed into wheels.
  • The three-wheel one is easily adjustable to throw various pitches and how they can be used for a wider range of practice scenes, like fly balls or ground word.
  • The use of the pitching machines will help softball and baseball players with the chance to get batting practice on their own.
  •  Most of the batting machines are set within a batting cage, which is a netted area that contains the balls after they have been hit.
  • By using the pitching machine and batting cage, hitters will receive batting reps without the need to drag other players to help.

You need to be aware of the automatic baseball pitching machine and how it works to understand how much you need to pay for the machine. The price will vary greatly over here.

How does one wheel pitching works

The most fundamental of these pitching machines is the one-wheel one. Over here, the spinning wheel propels the softball or baseball and then pitches it forward, towards the batter at home plate.

  • Mainly because of the simplistic design, these pitching machines can only just pitch fastballs and won’t be able to throw curve balls.
  • There you have an automatic baseball pitching machine and how it helps out the little league kids to have a productive batting practice.
  • These pitching machines are well crafted to throw pop flies, fast balls, fly balls and grounders as well.

How the two wheel pitching machine functions

The two wheel pitching machines work by 2 wheels spinning at higher speed, grabbing your ball and then projecting it forward. Most of the time, a person operating the machine has to place the baseball or softball manually inside the circular chute. Then the ball gets fed into two wheels. As there are two wheels, the pitching machine gets to manipulate the way the ball moves into the air.

These machines can throw various pitches and even curve balls and further cover training drills like line drives, throwing grounders and pop fly balls.

So, the next time you are looking for premium quality pitching machines, the team from ProBatter is there to help. They know better about the machines than anyone else!