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Better Baseball Through Virtual Reality

Better Baseball Through Virtual Reality

Achieving good performance in a baseball game is the ultimate outcome of countless hours of intense work and training. This principle applies not only to baseball but also to any other professional sport. However, when it comes to football or soccer, for instance, coaches, teams, and associations are quick to embrace new technologies to enhance training effectiveness and simplify the referee’s job.

Baseball, on the other hand, presents a different scenario. The traditional world of America’s favorite pastime has been resistant to technological innovation, whether it pertains to training equipment, game monitoring, or analytics. This resistance initially posed a significant challenge for pitching Probatter ideas to coaches and professional teams.

Probatter addresses the limitations that plagued previous automatic pitching machines, particularly the lack of a sense of timing. By combining flawlessly synchronized video simulation with an automatic pitching mechanism, Probatter has revolutionized baseball training equipment. This breakthrough has led to its immense success and popularity among professional teams, players, and local sports centers. Furthermore, Probatter’s success transcends baseball and has expanded to include Softball and cricket as well.

To delve deeper into the story behind Probatter, you can hear directly from the CEO himself, Adam Battersby, in this episode of Facts Over Fandom with the host, Brandon Podgorski.