Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees 3rd Baseman (Quoted in a NY Post article)
“I love it. It’s competitive and you have to compete against it to hit.”

David Wright – New York Mets 3rd base man (Quotes in a Sporting News article)
“A lot of guys swear by it”

Ben Cherington – Director Of Player Development Boston Red Sox
“The ProBatter machine affords hitters an opportunity to practice the game at full speed against Major League quality pitching and, unlike traditional pitching machines, to time the pitcher’s delivery. The ProBatter machine is an important part of our hitting development program.”

Jason Giambi – New York Yankees 1st baseman (Quotes in a NY Post article)
I have it in my hitting cages in Vegas…(Brain) Cashman called to ask me about it and I said it was great. It gives you a look at everything and at every speed.”

Trot Nixon – Quoted in Hartford Courant 3/25/03
“I hit off it all the time. Not all the time when you’re home can you find guys who can throw BP all the time. I can go and I can turn the machine on and do it anytime I want for as long as I want. It’s not going to get tired. Its arm is not going to blow out”

Bubba Crosby – New York Yankees outfielder (Quotes in a NY Post article)
“It does a good job simulating your timing…It’s the best thing to do..”

Bobby Abreau, NY Yankees (Quoted in August-September 2007 SI Latino)
“It’s a great machine because it throws all kinds of pitches at all kinds of speeds”

Trot Nixon – Cleveland Indians (quoted in ESPN the magazine)
“It’s like getting live batting practice in the off-season just like you’d get in regular BP”

Bill Bavasi, ex – Director of Player Dev., LA Dodgers. Current Executive VP and General Manager for the Seattle Mariners
“The ProBatter system gives hitters more game-like pitches in a fifteen-minute workout training session than in a week’s worth of games.”

Ken Williams – General Manager Chicago White Sox
“The ProBatter is a difference maker. Working with ProBatter Sports has been a very positive experience.”

Jim Penders – Head Coach of UCONN – Quoted in Hartford Courant – 7/30/08
“The video – that’s what makes it. You see the pitcher – that’s awesome. Hitting is timing. When you see the pitcher wind up, you can get your timing down. It’s more like live pitching. The guys that stick with it get better”

Paul Kostacopoulos – Former Univ. of Maine coach, current US Naval Academy coach
“The ProBatter has already made these players better hitters. Price is a concern for college coaches but the ProBatter leasing program allowed us to fit in into our budget. The Program will also use it produce revenue through camps, clinics and rentals”

Trot Nixon – Outfielder Boston Red Sox
“It greatly helped me to prepare for this past season as it could simulate game-like conditions. I can’t get that from regular BP. It was tremendous for situational hitting; placing myself in a 2-2 count against Clemens and then elevating a fastball or throwing a split.”

Jason Fleming, Manager – Promotions Colorado Rockies
“ProBatter has been a great addition to the experience here at Coors Field; and it has made my job easier. Our ProBatter game has been a workhorse. Zero down days in 2006. For a reliable and fun pitching game, call ProBatter.”

Johnny Goryl – Assistant Director of Player Development – Cleveland Indians
“We had the most success we ever had in the Florida Instructional league this fall with using the machine to teach our young hitters an approach to hitting a breaking pitch and the art of bunting for base hits. It was a huge help to our program.”

Rick Peterson – current pitching coach NY Mets
“The ProBatter’s realism makes it the most advanced training tool ever developed for hitters at all levels.

Mickey Brantley
“The ProBatter system worked great. It was in constant use by our prospects. One of the biggest advantages was to help our kids recognize breaking balls. It was the next best thing to big league pitching for them. In the beginning, our kids couldn’t get near the ProBatter curve ball but after a few weeks, they were a lot more confident”

Dear Pro Batter-
Your machine is better than anyone could imagine. I was a 3rd round draft choice in 2005. I was a pitcher but the Braves told me I would be playing outfield now. I went to the Gulf Coast League and hit .203 there. After thorough research I decided to buy your machine and I worked with it for 4 months and went back to play. That season I moved up two levels and hit .240. Last off season I worked with your machine again. This season I hit .312 in the two levels that I played in, made my first all star team in pro ball and led all of minor league baseball with 176 total hits! I am so excited to get back to the off season so I can train with your machine. I am totally confident in telling you that your machine is helping me get to the big leagues!
Best of luck to all at Pro Batter, Jordan Schafer – AA BRAVES PLAYER