Leasing and Financing

Benefits of Leases vs. Loans

ProBatter Sports leasing and financing programs are structured around your individual business. Although we use third-party lenders, these company’s offer many different ways to make leasing beneficial alternative for you. Consider the benefits of leasing compared to taking out a loan to finance your new ProBatter Video Pitching Machine.

Application Process
ProBatter Sports using a one-page application, that in involves an easy-to-complete customer information sheet. Normally, most applications are approved in 24 hours, where as loans could take as much as 10-14 business days for approval.

Effect on line of credit
A lease has no effect on banking relationships or the lines of credit a business has. A loan may go against a line of credit.

If you lease, the equipment is the collateral. If you take out a loan, you will be asked for additional collateral as security on the loan.

Soft Costs
When you lease, those additional expenses (soft costs) can be added into the lease, such as maintenance. These costs can often be financed with the equipment as well. Additionally, your lease can cover shipping and installation. Soft costs cannot be financed with a loan.

Monthly Payment Flexibility

Most leasing programs can be tailored around your business, flexible payments, set-up plans and seasonally adjusted payments are available as well as contact and seasonal payment plans. Most loans are structured for the same monthly payment each month and are not easily changed during the loan.

Buyout Plans

Most leases can be setup with different payment plans – $1 buyout & 10% buyout options. These plans can be factored into your monthly payments. Whereas loans are structured for the same amount each month and rarely adjusted.

Residual position
With a lease, a residual position may be taken to allow for tax benefits. With a loan, no residual position is taken on the equipment. Consult your accountant or tax professional

Down payments
All leasing and financial transactions can be set up with or with out money down. Depending on the equipment type and terms, a structured plan you create around your business can be beneficial if you put money down. Loans are traditionally structured with a sizeable down payment of some kind.


Credit Criteria: Most leasing and lending organizations require that the follow criteria be meet:

  • A minimum of two years in business
  • No personal or business bankruptcies
  • Clean business checking account
  • Business must be free of suits, liens and judgments
  • If a closely held company, owners must have clean personal credit

Transactions over $75,000 will require review of financial statements

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